Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Outsider

                                                    The Outsider
by Stormm
(c) December 3 2013

As he continues to consciously create new works of art,

Mr Toms experiences a profound and great joy.

Discovers by manifesting truly unique deep desires,

more unlimited paranormal abilities are activated.

He knows now these abilities are latent within all humans,

but most people in order to fit in, decide to deny their raw natural abilities.

After all,

"what would friends and family think if they caught me reading minds,

levitating, teleporting, or even sliding a cup across the table mentally?"

Who would risk being called a freak?

totally shunned by a lowest common denominator, consensus society?

So we do what we're told. Blend in.

Hoping nobody notices anything odd,

catches something out of the ordinary, out of the blue.

Effectively concealing our inane,

so-called bizarre and inexplicable behaviours.

It was very obvious why mass media bombarded the public with bad news 24/7.

While the populus loses faith in themselves as free and powerful individuals,

they'll readily submit to external power sources.

It was a self-con, an absurd joke, and almost everyone was playing it...

Yes, he could clearly see it now, feel the delicious irony of it all.

Imagine all-powerful beings pretending to be powerless.

Introducing: Great Gods From The Sky Helplessly Crawling.

Will they reclaim their power?

Watch them struggle through how many lifetimes?

Can they ever win?

Endlessly searching, hopelessly trying.

Will they even wake up?

In The Quest For The Ultimate.

How will it end?

Watch them beg and plead.

Assign power everywhere else but within...

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

XIII Death

                                       XIII Death
by Stormm
(c) November 21 2013

Scorpio is a Necromancer, he rides a pale white horse...

On a pale white horse, Death comes to town.

Slaying all in his path, all fall down before him.

When death comes calling, he's always dressed to kill.

The Grim Reaper.

The Shining Knight In Black Armor.

Mister Skull & Bones.

The Man In Black.

Yellow Skeleton Of Black Holes.

Rude Boy Rudy.

Waving Black Flag Of The Mystic White Rose.

The Ruthless Pirate.

Trafficker of stolen goods and property.

Narcotic Medicine and Recreational Drugs Dealer.

Medicine Man Doctor Morpheus.

Sleeper Agent In The Poppy Fields Of Opium Dreams.
Death's Intense.

He's The Repossession Man.

The Rebel With A Plan...

Nun = Fish.

Scorpio: attribute of Walking / Motion.

Child Of The Great Transformers, Lord Of The Gates Of Death.

Time, Ages, Transformation.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

XII The Hanged Man

                                     XII The Hanged Man
by Stormm
(c) November 19 2013

The Hanged Man swings under the bridge.

In The City Of London.

Looks like his number came up.

Maybe he picked the long straw, or was it the short straw?

The Once And Future King.

The Fallen Star.

Former Lord of Industry.

Golden Boy Disgraced.

Charity Rinses Blood Money.

Merchant Banker Convicted.

Phony Philanthropist.

Exile Has Seen Better Days...

Mansion, main hall, private dining room.

Drowning in whiskey,

reads and signs his final will and testament, trembling.

Terrified he's next.

He sighs.

It's been interesting, it's been strange.

Since he pledged his soul to The Order.

Back then he didn't believe in a soul, so what the hell.

The Horror owns him now.

He shivers, as someone walked over his grave.

The Hanged Man swings under the bridge.

Maybe he picked the short straw, or was it the long straw?

In The City Of London.

Looks like his number came up...

M 40.

The Spirit Of The Mighty Waters.

Enforced Sacrifice, Suffering fatal and involuntary.

The Water Element: Womb of The Mother as a symbol of Birth.

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

XI Justice

                                       XI Justice
by Stormm
(c) November 17 2013

Crowned, regal and impartial.

Seated on her grey throne of Law & Order.

Passing unbiased judgement.

She decides the fate of all before her.

Crimson robe, green cloak, yellow crown.

Her right hand brandishing The Righteous Sword Of Truth And Justice.

In her left hangs the scale or balance.

Love Is Blind.

Between The Twin Towers.

Love Is Blind.

Before The Burgundy Veil.

Maat, Goddess of Harmony, Justice and Truth,

helps to judge the souls of the dead.

In Duat (The Underworld),

where each heart - soul is weighed against a single "Ostrich Feather Of Maat".
Athena Goddess of Judgement, upholds the existing order.

Neith Goddess of War and Weaving.

Spider Grandmother...

Libra: attribute of Action / Work.

Daughter Of The Lord Of Truth, Holder Of The Balance.

Power and Force, but arrested in the act of Judgement.

Eternal Justice and Balance.

A Court of Law / Trial.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

X The Wheel Of Fortune

                                   X The Wheel Of Fortune
by Stormm
(c) November 12 2013

Jupiter Obatala, God of Fortune, Luck, Beneficence.

Mr Blue Sky.

Good Fortune and Happiness Within bounds,

sometimes Intoxication With Success.

The ROTA or TARO Wheel of Isis Fortuna,

Goddess of Luck and Chance.

Veiled / Blindfolded and Capricious,

she spins it randomly, changing the fates of all.

Where Fortune changes hands,

the slippery sidewinder Typhon slithers.

Long Yellow Serpent Of Time,

following the bruised heels of Anubis.

The Jackal Headed Man,

flys with Fortuna's Wheel upon back,

while it spins along the spine.
Blue Sphinx Holding Sword,

crouches casually center square atop The World Dome.

Guarding the corners, are Four Watchtowers.

The Sacred Yellow Animal Guides.

The Holy Living Creatures of Ezekiel:

Fire The Lion - Leo.

Water The Eagle - Scorpio.

Air The Angel - Aquarius.

Earth The Ox / Bull - Taurus.

Each bears 1,

2 study intently or read from,

the blank pages of a book?

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

IX The Hermit

                                             IX The Hermit
by Stormm
(c) September 15 2013

Randomly sweeping the desolate plains of savage wastelands,

The Wind Cries Mary.

The Howling Hounds Of Love are Wailing Wailers.

Announcing arrival and departure times of The Sacred Hosts.

The Eternal Seeker Takes Another Trip.

Johnny Appleseed Is Propagating Magic.

Mister Gone Seeds The Harmony Of Change.

Sewing gardens and orchards.

Sister Gone Seeks Changing Harmonies.

The Wanderer Of Epic Journeys.

Yod = Hand, Fist, Right Hand.

Virgo: attribute of Coition / Intercourse.

Magus of the Voice of Light, Prophet of the Gods.

Wisdom sought for and obtained from above...

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Thursday, 12 September 2013


by Stormm
(c) September 12 2013

She screams silently in horror.

Terrified by a fresh yet familiar, handsome face in the mirror.

A face she'll gradually recognize with growing dread.

"For form it was, formerly the flesh of another."

Another shell, that from now on, only she'll possess.

The Brand New Face.

A Face That Comes With A Price.

She is screaming loud. With long, bone chilling, harsh shrieks.

Her hysterical wail rises above rocky, red desert canyons,

stirs up a frenzy of solidifying purple, chalk and black clouds.

They defiantly strike out, against once proud, bright orange skies.

Suddenly lightning flashes in silver gold response,

"and the bomb goes BOOM!"

Low rumbling sub atomic whips are cracking the sky,

blue electric charges shatter the split open atmosphere.

She unleashes a scorching downpour of pounding bitter rain,

they energize desolate wastelands.

Spear evergreen forests, armed with large bouquets of fresh betrayals.

Half her flowing teardrops float up, to climb above the planet.

Drifting as bubbles, they sail out beyond distant galaxies.

Enter a black hole vortex,

then exit thru it's white hole counterpart.

Completely transformed now,

they've become vibrant new energies, leaking in from another universe.

The Morning After...

Trapped in the body of the one she loves.

Trapped in the body of the one she ate...

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Six Million Light Years

                         Six Million Light Years
by Stormm

She came from six million light years away.

Roughly half a day's journey via the nearest black hole.

While her emerald nanotube beryllium spacecraft enters the upper atmosphere,

of a tiny blue planet, third from it's sun.

She gestures the intergalactic greeting.

"One Plus One Equals Three",

purrs the first domestic cat encountered,

clearly hip and awaiting the secret counter sign.

"Create Long And Prosper",

the extended webbed limbs of advanced consciousness replies.

Based on observing the various planetary cultural lifestyles,

these were evidently this world's leaders, it's most evolved creatures.

Her eminence was pleased,

impressed by the obvious intelligence of these curious life forms.

"Perhaps the rumours of savage conflict and turmoil on this world,

were merely over exaggerated after all..."

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

VIII Strength

                                                      VIII Strength
by Stormm
(c) September 5 2013

Fortitude, Courage, Strength, Lust.

Hercules Samson, The Proud Solar Hero.

Nine City Serpents Cross Roads.

Beauty And The Beast.

Daughter Of The Flaming Sword, Leader Of The Lion.

Venus The Fire Goddess Pets Leo The Red Lion.
Spontaneous Energy moving on to further activity.

Great Power And Expansive Force In Action.

Goodness, The Universal Medicine.

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Everywhere vs Nowhere

                      Everywhere vs Nowhere
by Stormm
(c) April 22 2013

Suddenly Everywhere decided it would attempt to locate Nowhere.

Therefore she begat by simultaneous projections of consciousness,

individual parts of additional selves.

In that instant, transports.

Separate. Specific.

Distinct appendages, enters all the realms.

Casting their myriad sense nets, amid regions of unknown dimensions.

On XPD91, two hundred nostrils will inhale arid tumbling desert,

sieve the pungent burning spices of mountainous sand dunes.

Blissfully overwhelmed by intoxicating exotic fumes,

some did shallow port docks wade,

snort refreshingly crisp, cyclic ocean breeze blasts.

In the Sirius star system, seventy seven tongues are exploring planet Isis.

Their tingling taste buds will precisely differentiate,

between the savory coating sensations of umami and pleasurable sweetness.

While cautiously sampling the cloying melodramatic bitterness,

of toxic professional victims, where high buzz plunges to severe cringe.
From the Delta 14 multiverse, ear reports bear an insistent whirring.

Uninterrupted high pitched whistles and low rumblings arrive,

their roaring waves of pressure being translated into sound.

Upon the canals of Xan Wu,

Capricorn Cameras set sail inhabited ancient giant cities, detecting light.

Heat Seekers navigate hidden pyramids beneath Phoenix Planets,

a legion of eyes focusing images converted into electrical signals.

On Klattu, emphatic interplanetary hands are busy tracing underwater currents,

flowers in the mud alternate from sharp and jagged,

along to the somewhat smooth,

slippery rock formations of subterranean passages.

But how will they detect the energy fields of an intangible entity?

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Five Thousand Years

                                Five Thousand Years
by Stormm
(c) March 9 2013

Five thousand years ago, did I wish to be here?

 Oh, for sure.

As sure as I am now back there.

Ready to enact this ensuing sequence of forever events.

Perhaps I'll get it right?

Act more powerfully, this time?

Like doing things better?

Perhaps whatever, for the very last time?

But considering the crazy things I proceeded to do,

immediately after trying to undo, things I'll swear never to.

Perhaps not.

"It's difficult you see, especially after the first thousand duration of everything..."
As it jumbles out of sequence,

my future-present-past falls apart,

some in pieces of wooden oval frames,

others shaped rectangular, spiky and frameless.

Myriad reflective scenarios are rolling away,

along the endless hall of mirrors.

Enacting every sparkling dramatic possibility,

of my eternal lives.

These fragments of real life movies unfold but cannot break,

instead they multiply.

As each simultaneous potential,

separates off into it's own orbital dimension.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Suspect Officer Crowley

                         Suspect Officer Crowley
by Stormm
(c) February 24 2013

Crack Central, just another day.

Before the fateful call came through,

a jaded Crowley and his naive new partner were cruising the west side

of Queen and Dufferin, harassing scum.

It was your typical 2 am response,

a domestic.

According to dispatch,

the caller was being held hostage in a Lakeshore condo, by her ex boyfriend.

Being adrenaline junkies,

our pair of bullies with badges were itching for some real action.

This should take the edge off whatever's eating Crowley,

thought a relieved Jagger.

Her superior was really irritable tonight, his actions growing more erratic.

But it wasn't until entering the elevator that Officer Christina Jagger

would spot the obvious,

her partner's ice blue eyes,

were bugging with a chemically induced intensity.

"You okay?" she said half probing.

"I'm f*cking fine," he fired back.

Sweating profusely, pupils dilated, central nervous system tweaking,

he was totally alert, but definitely not okay.

"What's your assessment?"

"Suspect's a known felon and possibly armed."

Let's call for backup."

"No need, I recognize the address, let me handle it..."
Minutes later Jagger would dare ask, "why'd you let him off so easy?"

"She only had a black eye and refused to press charges.

Which saves us from filing another useless report."

Right as a downward elevator opens,

two loud shots ring out, barely seconds apart.

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!" yells Crowley,

banging the walls while running back to the crime scene.

But unknown to all, the real shit still hadn't hit the fan.

At least not yet.

Later a hidden secret ledger would be discovered.

The perp was a crystal meth dealer, Crowley's partner and main supplier.

Their business investment portfolio consisted of:

rolling meth labs, aiding and abetting ghetto drug dealers,

selling unregistered weapons, extortion.

This day was so not going good for Crowley...

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Animate Objects

                             Animate Objects
by Stormm
(c) February 15 2013

Artist Studio.

When things materialize, they'll just suddenly pop up unannounced.

Unknown objects float by, foreign items that keep moving about.

Some disappear when unnecessary, or not currently in use.

Cans of paint and oils hover, ready to swing into action as needed.
I'm now able to mentally move everything around me.

To locate and match their consciousness frequency, prove them animate,

improvise as each fulfills my purpose, apply corresponding designs.

I will a stove burner to ignite and the dial moves to it's medium setting.

Imagine a kettle over to the sink, command silver faucets turn on running water.

The mixer tap switches itself off after each filling, the pot's brown lid fits in place.

A hovering kettle settles down on the stainless steel stove,

it boils overflown steaming liquid.

Meanwhile a small formation of beige cups and saucers,

float over to the nearest yellow counter top.

The pot goes from cup to cup,

it's spout pouring hot water on fresh mint tea leaves,

that sail in from our garden.

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Golden Knowledge Book

                        Golden Knowledge Book
by Stormm
(c) February 9 2013

The Voice of Knowledge provides a vivid account of all, as it occurs.

Library Curator Of The Sum Of All Information, reports the living story.

A male baritone expounds descriptive events in an even casual tone.

Suddenly, materializing left foreground,

on a small, brown circular wooden table,

lies a large Golden Jewel Book.

Narrating powerful cosmic knowledge,

it commences unveiling Mysteries Of Kundalini,

then ventures way beyond celestial heavens.
Increasingly The Knowledge Book occupies more of my attention,

while the couple, on my right, intensify their Sex Dance.

Eventually this forbidden wisdom gets too intense and overwhelming,

I can't handle the heavy vibes and must leave.

A barrier of negative emotions intimidates, until I'm gripped with fear.

Immediately cast out, into a dark, large empty hall.

It's the Room Of Obstacles, shielding the Corridor Of Secrets.

Here random deadly spears fly out, from the walls of any and all sides.

I hesitate, timing their movements for the right moment,

but a pattern is indiscernible.

Suddenly a voice inside says "jump", and I do.

Leaping above a spear that ejects just one moment too late.

Moving straight ahead passing through walls of dimensions,

until I arrive at a huge courtyard with tall lanterns.

Before me a red carpet leads the way,

along the gradual series of ascending and descending wooden steps,

across a bridge.

It's a warm summer night as Venus appears,

smiling mischievously.

She'll ask what I found out, learned inside?

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Monday, 4 February 2013

The Secret Garden

                 The Secret Garden
by Stormm
(c) February 4 2013

Deep within The Forbidden Kingdom Of Secrets,

lie many hidden chambers.

Inside The Inner Temple of Sex Magic.

A mighty and powerful warrior awaits his favourite lover,

on a chinese bed.

Guarded and well protected by many obstacles and treacheries.

Inside Asian Palace Of The Yellow Red Lotus.

The Astral Forbidden Kingdom.
Torch lit ornamental lanterns are inscribed with sanskrit symbols,

a dangerous delicate garden of silk veils and bamboo.

He is patient, athletic, and topless.

The High Priestess Of Tantra, enters from left side invisible door.

She disrobes while walking towards me.

Visits an exotic setting of always night, where time stands still.

Tonight is a special occasion,

her favorite lover and most adventurous student has returned.

Sprightly on bare jeweled feet, she enters from private bedchambers.

Arching shoulders while hands extend, expanding as she advances.

Robe Falls Flowing With Thick Black Hair, sails down past her waist.

Beneath exquisite silk red dragon garment,

her splendid body reveals Ancient Mystic Scroll In Motion tattoos.

Straddling me she whispers,

"I'll teach you, then you'll teach me."

"Sex Magic."

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Saturday, 2 February 2013


by Stormm
(c) February 2 2013

It crouches in shadows,

slithers through darkness,

when lime door scrapes open green,

there's a quick flash and the scurry into void.

It creeps without sound,

thickening black smoke expands,

rusty dripping heartbeats,

clog silver tap faucets.

Subterranean pressure building,

as it grows to a critical mass,

thud, pop, splash,

fear reverberations.

Condition critical,

critical condition,

critical condition...

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Friday, 25 January 2013

VII The Chariot

                              VII The Chariot
by Stormm
(c) January 25 2013

Under the blue canopy of a starry night sky.

Crowned by an eight pointed star.

Lord Of The Triumph Of Light.

Wearing Zodiac belt.

Cancer the moody Crab.
Sits in grey chariot with yellow wheels.

Casually holds a gold tipped blue scepter.

A walking talking contradiction, feels the tug of polar instincts.

The Dweller Between The Realms.

Wax and waning moons of silver joy and sorrow, adorn each shoulder.

As twin black and white sphinx pull in opposite directions,

controlling Spirit guides the Lower Principles.

Child of The Power Of The Waters.

Shields the grey moat enclosing green trees, before red tile roof castle walls.

Eyes cast down, a brooding hen lost in thought,

worries about family, the past, and money...

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Suspect Dr Joseph Green

                      Suspect Dr Joseph Green
by Stormm
(c) January 21 2013

Dr Joseph Green, Nazi Alchemist benefactor of Erzulie and Venus Tantra,

was definitely losing touch.

Physically phasing in and out between realms,

his final death bed words were, "reality used to be a friend of mine."

By the literally pulsating, colourful end,

completely unable to distinguish his separate realities.

At the crossroad that ultimately confronts heretics,

where too many astral expeditions lead to less physical material attraction.

Why dwell where space, time and physical efforts are required to achieve goals,

when desire immediately manifests in astral realms?

The good doctor was obsessed, privately leading the fetish club lifestyle.

A secret Jesuit, masquerading as plastic surgeon.

He arrives early at S&M theme parties, to sit on a side bar stool,

behind the blond and bobbed, black leather skirt only clad female tied to a cross,

his right hand twitching impatiently.

By his feet sat a brown suitcase, it contains a bizarre assortment of whips.

To say he came prepared, was an understatement.

Halfway through the event Herr Doktor will suddenly disappear,

to return as a masked sub, head to toe in shiny black,

twin holes exposing pierced nipples chained and clamped.

Doctor Gimp, approaches a black ponytailed sexy white female dom,

dancing with her brown lover center stage.

Silently stands and stares,

unacknowledged he'll vanish, then soon reappear to lick her heels.

Eventually, perhaps if she feels generous enough, she'll punish him.

Grinding stilettos into his submissive supine body.

Like I said, "not exactly your average holistic type..."

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Corridor Of Secrets

                             Corridor Of Secrets
by Stormm
(c) January 14 2013

"Where am I?"

Psychic and physical senses are on full alert.

"I mustn't get caught, can't be too careful..."

Sprint along illuminated surprisingly long and narrow halls.

"Am I the only one left, the last survivor?"
Running scared pursued by a golden flying orb.

"Searching, searching 4 the door 2 the room of purpose."

Suddenly it briefly pauses to scan, track impressions,

inhale pheromones, access fear factors, mercilessly on the hunt.

The Jewel All Seeing Eye Patrols Winding Corridors...

"Searching, searching 4 the room 2 the door of purpose."
Panting hard, running, gasping and aching even harder,

as I exhaust each inhale exhale with quick eye sweeps.

The Golden Eye is gaining ground, it will catch up much sooner than planned.

Effortlessly wizzing corridors, 

excellerates the maze of long windy hallways, sailing sharp corners.

Hairs stand on end, intense spine tingling chills, as probe closes in.

Growing ever fearful that somewhere, someone will be enjoying all this...

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

3rd Eye Psychic (Part 2)

                        3rd Eye Psychic (Part 2)
by Stormm
(c) January 13 2013

Along dimly illuminated neon-violet walls,

the swirling hologram flows.

Winding narrow red carpet corridors,

a flying metallic gold orb patrols...


"I remember some of it even today, the joyful parts.

All the promises that we made, the broken hearts."

Rumour has it they used to call me ACE, but that was lifetimes ago...
It's said he took the wrong case,

a bribe,

that stole his heart.

It's said she sold a fool proof case,

he stole,

then lost her heart.

It's said they packed the full suitcase,

we shook,

three broken hearts...
"It was a Case Of The Case I Couldn't Resist,

and I knew it was too good to be true."

I'd previously achieved power peaks via great degrees of persistence,

thus earning my bones so to speak.

So sure enough,

one tends to develop a certain level of healthy paranoia.

But these characters weren't your average holistic types...

SUSPECT 1: The Heretic (aka Dr Joseph Green)

"I mean this zero can't wait for Paradise, so he tries to bring armageddon here.

Can't say I don't envy the mad fool, he died from too much of a good thing."

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