Friday, 25 January 2013

VII The Chariot

                              VII The Chariot
by Stormm
(c) January 25 2013

Under the blue canopy of a starry night sky.

Crowned by an eight pointed star.

Lord Of The Triumph Of Light.

Wearing Zodiac belt.

Cancer the moody Crab.
Sits in grey chariot with yellow wheels.

Casually holds a gold tipped blue scepter.

A walking talking contradiction, feels the tug of polar instincts.

The Dweller Between The Realms.

Wax and waning moons of silver joy and sorrow, adorn each shoulder.

As twin black and white sphinx pull in opposite directions,

controlling Spirit guides the Lower Principles.

Child of The Power Of The Waters.

Shields the grey moat enclosing green trees, before red tile roof castle walls.

Eyes cast down, a brooding hen lost in thought,

worries about family, the past, and money...

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