Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mr Brown

                                         Mr Brown
by Stormm

Mr Brown is looking around impressed at his Soul Catchers.

"Marvelous," he says, "mar-vel-ous, absolutely very fcuking marvelous."

Nodding his head, grinning and laughing, proud of his accomplishment.

All these spirits under his dominion, held captive, bound to do his bidding.

"Ha ha, very big ha ha."

Which one shall I let out of it's jar, who will be my Eyes Of The New World?

Set it free to roam bodiless, traveling through the universe?

The Spirit flies above metro, temporarily free from Mr Brown's glass prison.

Released for a brief moment to wander aimlessly between orders, on a whim.

Searching this city thru parks, in alleyways, by fountains, beside hostels,

looking for it's body.

Abruptly it feels a pull towards the flesh of The Mad Woman On The Corner...

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Obeah Man

                              The Obeah Man

by Stormm

Summer evenings, modern all glass east exterior, beige furnished apartment.

Seated on white sofas across from my sister and mother, in a living room

hanging out.

Drinking and smiling good times, when a pearl necklace is thrown

and lands around my neck.

Strangling, I'm being strangled, someone is trying to choke me out!

Looks like an island Elder or Bush Doctor? dressed casual in his 60's.

But it's The Obeah Man, wearing a dark brown or black jacket and hat.

A very evilous and wicked black man.

Trying to hold me down, overhead, glaring upon me.

I fight back, managing to sit upright on a bench, on the grass

between side walk and street.

Mr Nightmare The Dream Catcher, is standing before me in the road.

Eventually, I fight my way back into my physical earthly body,

wake up chanting psalms 23 over and over...


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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

II The High Priestess

                                        II The High Priestess
by Stormm

The Priestess Of The Silver Star Is The Transforming Moon.

Fertile she flows reincarnate waves and tides foaming.

A horned diadem on her head, with it's crystal ball in the middle.

She bears Goddess Hathor's crescent shaped silver crown,

centering a white pearl orb.

Isis means "Throne," in Africa the throne is the mother of the king.

Madonna Suckling Babe In The Tides With Moon At Her Feet...

Cradled in her lap she holds The Book Of TAROT, partially obscured.

Behind her lies the veil of King Solomon's Temple, embroidered with

rosy pomegranates and palm trees of yellow candles. The illuminated

3rd Eye's inner burning flame. A magic mirror reflecting the Tree Of Life.

Behind the veil, an endless expanse of calm blue sea.

She sits in the middle on her graceful throne of long flowing tresses,

as shipwrecked seaweeds sail her knees, plunging over rapid waterfalls,

where bowing at her feet lies a golden solar crescent moon.

The ebb and flow between life and death, the twin towers of good and evil.

Increasing and decreasing, she fluctuates between the power and the glory.

A sphinx, guardian of the entrance to the "garden of pomegranates."

Concealing the many seeded secret mysteries...

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Cat People / Astral Pool Party

                        Cat People / Astral Pool Party
by Stormm

In the center of a tall massive skyscraper's subterranean pool.

I lie on a black leather cot, on my back with many shapeshifters all about.

They're in feline and human guises, diving, playing and swimming in thick

sheets of very black liquid.

A friendly female leaves the slick to come over dripping up close and say,

"you should join us."And I hear myself casually reply, "no thanks I'ould

rather just watch." But behind this indifferent mask, actually, I'm terrified of

entering the water. Either there's something in there, or, I'm paranoid of these

Cat People.

But why should I question being alone in this pool with all these felines?

The woman beside me is leaving my side now, she dives back in to disappear

below the surface, apparently rejoining the others. While I continue to lie here

in my bed, unconcerned.

A young male slides, splashing up while transforming from tiger to human.

Incoming fast towards me until at the last minute, he glides by on my left,

leaning back on bent knees, laughing exhilarated...

I'm okay hanging out with them, yet afraid to join in for unknown reasons.

Just Simply Rational By Keeping A Safe Distance?

It could be something I'm trying to ignore, scared of having to face.

My shadow lurks unacknowledged, in isolated fragments, missing

unknown parts of self still imprisoned, buried deeper below...

Am I wise to be afraid of something in there?

Of them all turning on me?

Something horrible in me?

Was I only really afraid of getting lost in this Astral dimension?

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Water World

                                 Water World
by Stormm

Traveling faster than light now, many, many, light years away.

With The Pussy Ship's navigation system on auto,

we bravely voyage different varieties of daring silence.

Go from exploring stretches of dead, still, emptiness,

to outmaneuvering rare, perilously exciting, overcrowded claustrophobic space.

After choosing from some of the many popular private transport models,

we finally decide to float together in an invisible seven pointed Star Bubble,

sailing throughout her completely watery home world.

Our Star Bubble's triangular outer shell twirls in sections as we're propelled,

through thick oceans of orange and pinkish liquid.

Shooting by from above,

occasional flashes of violet lunar flares cut the planetary surface,

to disintegrate below.

Breathtaking undersea Jewel Republic globes approach,

revealing multitudes of the most diverse bizarre shaped transparent and

reflective structures.

Scintillating glassy cities of precious crystals, glowing rubies, diamonds,

tanzanite, sapphire, emerald and gold.

Where countless domes marry spires, manifest vertical or inverted triangles,

squares and spheric dwellings.

Most buildings flow up, others drift down, forever cycling this planet.

Some of the winged bird-face Avian, scaly fish-face Reptilian,

and furry Feline occupants may momentarily pause to wave hello-good-bye.

As we near,

individual colonies bathe us in flood waves of telepathic massages,

spurting fragments, conversations, messages...

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Abducted by UFO

                                          Abducted by UFO
by Stormm

One night while out walking I am beamed up.

Aboard a UFO, by a bright very golden ray of light.

Twelve of us meet onboard initially, for a conference among the stars.

We hover in half or full lotus, most adopting random asanas.

Gather to encircle energy fields where seven pulsating crystals,

also levitate and rotate.

Our dispersed energy bodies glow light blue.

During overlapping, extremely invigorating, lengthy telepathic conversations.

Our dispersed energy bodies glow light blue.

Each individual wills their pulse rates slow, down deeper, fully relax bodies

stimulating gold, red, orange, violet, green, black and blue chakra wheels.

A spacious interior, the chamber's entire view appears transparent from within.

There are no signs of any visible instruments, walls, or compartments.

Throughout this meeting there's been one individual whose energy is

tremendously attractive. Why continue to struggle with increasing difficulty

against the irresistible urge for full-on-contact?

Mutual gaze exchange, then instantly, we meet elsewhere.

At times in feline other times humanoid forms.

Our ship's exceptional Captain Gorgeous Female Is A Shapeshifter...

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Saturday, 5 May 2012

I The Magician

                                              I The Magician
by Stormm

On idle whim The Idiot rises at dawn, packing a light snack bound to his

staff. Spontaneously bounding off into unknown thrills, confident in his

innate ability to improvise. Being forever active as per usual without a plan,

acting on the fly. Lucky 2 The Magician Desires Adventure Transforms

into Dog On Great Quest Joins His Master, to go within, enters the spirit world.

The house Magician was barking excitedly in his inner temple dog form,

delighted to set forth on a new expedition. Leaping off the ground, on hind legs,

panting from side to side, unleashed in the mountains, left roaming wild and free. 

Sometimes running ahead to scout, or linger sampling scents of discerning 


The Real-It-Y Rebel instantly breaks away from the much slower collective

pack. Shatters self-limiting taboos, confident there's always a better path.

Magus Of Power Creating New Experience expresses free individual choice.

True Visionary In Improvisation revels 2 manifest uncompromising deep

desires. Cunning comic adaptive thoughts focus, wield alchemical tools...

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