Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Prolific Future

                             The Prolific Future
by Stormm

The Prolific Future Life is brisk and invigorating. Mining asteroid

belts, mostly for but not limited to only space craft materials is

booming. Our Space Exploration Programs fuels unprecedented

expansion for the endless varieties of free independent colonies.

Food, clothes and shelter are deemed basic essentials, mandatory

provisions easily affordable by everyone.

Art has replaced boredom, various cheap and abundant alternative

energy sources sustain the numerous powerful, thriving and

completely self-sufficient regions.

There are no taxes or wars, each republic permits zero to a bare

minimum of laws. Gladly opt for as smallest as possible legal

systems, observing only the rarest of minor criminal activity.
Music and Art are the official interplanetary languages, we

humans create and converse in unique new means of expression

daily, fresh new symbols being constantly created.

Peaceful trade has already been well established with most of

the known extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional entities.

There are no illnesses the average person cannot self-heal.

Each individual when personally ready,

if so desired, consciously brings about their own death and rebirth.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Painting Comes To Life

                                Painting Comes To Life
by Stormm

"Psst psst, over here, come closer" it said.

"Hey, listen up I'll let you in on a secret." "I'm God, your creator.

It's me the one and only, your own personal savior, you know, the supreme being.

So worship me, okay, get down on your knees right now and start praying to me.

Yes of course! right here in front of everyone,

it's the only way to be safe from what's coming down the pipe.

Because the more that you bear witness of me, the more greater will be your glory.

Louder! prostrate and proclaim your insignificance, beg for forgiveness.

Tell me you're not worthy, declare it to all,

let the whole world know how you're unworthy but for my divine grace.

That's it.

Let me see you cry and shed even more crocodile tears this time for Christ's sake.

Without me you're an ignorant f*cking flea, yes say it, you cock sucking bastard.

You better never stop praying to me, if you know what's good.

Where do you think you're going you goddamn son of a bitch,

come back and f*cking fear me. Fear me, fear me, fear..."
I ran out of there in mortal terror, sprinting the museum corridors panting hard.

Only to gradually, tragically,

realize that all the paintings from room to room although in different sections,

were each repeating almost the exact same spiel,

to any fool who should happen by.

So many millions were discovering how easily they could climb right inside paintings,

shrinking themselves down to take up permanent residency.

I could swear that I heard my own voice, it sounded kinda relieved.

Just another poor soul lost in the details of some unknown artist's depiction of paradise.

A weak, self-righteous, whining professional victim gasps in awe.

"Guess I'll make this the stop."

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Monday, 25 June 2012

The Man In Blue

                            The Man In Blue
by Stormm

I'm at a rave, in a massive pale grey concrete warehouse space.

There's probably about a hundred people milling about.

Most are sitting around, upon and along,

the rectangular curves of cream and brown boulders,

surrounding a huge rock garden forest in the center of the room.

It's quiet, we're all hanging in this smoking and chill out lounge area.

Standing up at the farthest left end corner,

I had been casually sitting on the edge, my feet dangling over.

Suddenly I'm walking straight over now to the huge south face wall,

right against the brick at my feet is a burgundy mid-size paint brush.

Automatically I pick it up and just start painting a massive oil mural.

I roll instant drying wet paint, almost from the bottom of the floor,

nearly all the way up to the distant ceiling overhead, with each stroke.

After which I take another step right, repeat over and continue,

until occupying the western half of the entire wall.

The painting unfolds completely detailed already,

like I'm laying up long rows of prefabricated, dry finished wallpaper using a roller,

adding several extended broom's length coatings per stoke.

He's a sober, somber looking,

seriously focused medium built white man, with long grey beard.

Mr Blue Sky is wearing The Navy Blue Suit,

Sits In The White Chair against a vast blue empty backdrop.

Both hands resting on armrests, fingers clasped around bamboo weaving.

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Dancer

                              The Dancer
by Stormm

The Dancer tosses her confident head,

projecting long black hair from side to side.

And water goes flying everywhere, rapidly in as many directions.

Ceilings are raining down torrential rows of fire sprinklers, on full cold blast.

Random floor to ceiling beyond melting point jet propulsion rocket flames,

erupt in different corners of an all black and white tiled room.


And neon colored laser beams of streaming liquid plasmas charge.


Pure Primal Energy Unbound, in truly carefree passionate movements.

Free, savage and generous,

expressing endless emotions of unrestrainable wild abandon.

A self-contained intentionally mad frenzy of lunges,

leaping rolls, handstands, flips and crouching.

Bare hands and feet spontaneously rip huge slabs of wood and concrete,

right out from the floors and walls directly,

throw them around effortlessly, fling things, smash, crash, thrashing about.

Droplets of salty perspiration glisten, stinging sweet,

head to toe covered in sweat foams.

Sprinkles Poetry In Motion Stars Sparkling.

Move with glossy, scintillating, arabesque dance forms.
She has long black hair, smooth olive skin, high unique cheekbones,

full on gypsy features with big, sexy, humourous eyes.

Wielding her streamlined curvy hips and waist, winds that natural figure,

exerts slender, strong and powerful athletic legs, well toned abs and arms.

We spin as our sweat goes flying off deep into outer space,

curly soaked hair flails, liquid electric yellow and blue sparks flash wildly.

Tiny scattered pearl droplets glitter, dancing thru the night.

Inside complete pandemonium as heaven and hell breaks loose,

pure hearts on fire deploy a live energy exchange.

Manifested magnetic heart chakra power key unlocks in embrace,

across space, frequencies ignite, projections of overflowing energy.

Grabbing mad touching each other,

running hot hands, up and down all over foreign bodies,

oily, firm, soft curves, clefts and swirls.

Let's Get Crazy Naked Love,

fingers go in while kissing, biting, licking, sucking.

She opens her floor to ceiling sliding door, it's getting hot inside...

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Monday, 11 June 2012


by Stormm

Racing up and down cloud-roads fast along the sky-ways,

full on the pedal whistling pass super highways.

El Mike pulls up to the exclusive event in his custom made

solid gold sports hover-craft.

5'10 passenger seat, the beautiful ever changing Rainbow Is In Motion.

Host's and hostess' concierges are waiting as their sliding doors open.

The dynamic duo exit their slick vehicle excited to commence indulging

adventurous festivities,

manifesting the party's promising prospects lying ahead.

On the Estate grounds,

soothingly occasional cool buckets of splashing ocean breeze revitalizes.

In well spaced gardens and groves,

sectionally timed sprinklers squirt liquid blasts of fusion.

Moving spirals of clear tidal waves tilt,

flowing from one end to it's very distant opposite,

sprays down head to toe mists of foamy exhilaration.

Amid nearby rustling leaves, lively kites hover gently overhead,

beside rising colorful bubbles beneath exploding fireworks.

A sensual massage of wafting incense and scented candles disperses

in the air heightening romantic moods.

Beautiful people scantily clad remove the last remnants of their finest linen.

Whilst an almost naked orchestra plays erotic, exotic music.

Among the symphony,

sly instrumentalists are randomly noticed drifting off for intercourse,

in and between assuming their positions.

In another section jamming musicians are improvising,

wild conga and djembe drummers, saxophonists, trumpeters, flutists, gyrate

their athletic bodies, express each's own unique flow.

Gorgeous attractive hedonists everywhere making love,

free to express themselves as anything they may desire to be...

Dining Area downing a tasty glass of red wine,

Stella By Starlight sways-glide-bounces.

Displays her sexy yet sophisticated lilting stride of confidence

and accomplishment.

What was once an idea in her mind has now been made manifest,

by her efforts.

She smiles, thinks of 101 at the instant he's envisioning her.

Of course by now it really quite natural,

but who knew they could achieve this degree of telepathic communication?

They were in the thick of it now, surrounded by dancers,

percussionists, strings, guitars, other revelers.

Amid the salty sea of sweat,

dripping hot naked energized bodies glistening.

Multitudes of tossing hair, rolling shoulders, stretching necks,

nodding heads, swaying hips, arms and hands waving.

Fire jugglers and light show projectors also are getting down,

adding to the magical experience.

Alongside the floats of various Live DJ sets, all night long,

on thru early morning's sweet soulful cascade of deep house music.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

III The Empress

                               III The Empress
by Stormm

She sits upright and beautiful on top of orange, above red, before black and 

yellow pillows and cushions, at the end of the road.

In the midst of fields of grain and bountiful meadows, The Queen Of Heaven

wears her golden crown of 12 stars, presents her orb pointed gold scepter.

On grey trail between yellow wheat fields, play abundant green forest

and groves where water runs blue.

This active, energetic, totally clear alive with yellow afternoon setting,

overflows with nature's wealth.

An emerald orbed Ankh Of Life symbol of Isis, lies at the heart of her

large grey support bolster.

Venus Goddess of Love and Emotions, Daughter Of The Mighty Ones.
She gives us the gift of life.

Bestows her blessing in drinks to good health.

Releases her natural boon of merriment, success, pleasure, and revelry.

Waving her magic wand in right hand above, Lady Liberty's raised

Torch Of The Eternal Flame Of Life.

The Bride Of The Dying King, Mother Of The Eternal Sun.

Hathor Goddess Of Love And Devotion.

The sacred Holy Cow, bovine eared.

She is the door through which we enter the green room of life, the vagina,

the gates of light into the inner sanctum, the veil of the holy of holies.

Surrounded by fertile vegetation and wildlife, she symbolizes The Natural

Abundance Of The Land.

Notice the waterfall on her left as rivers flow behind the trees, then plunge

into the oceans beneath her feet.

The Princess Of Health Astride The Mountain Peak.

Her lighthouse parades the edges of a cliff, lies beyond foamy shores...

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