Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Outsider

                                                    The Outsider
by Stormm
(c) December 3 2013

As he continues to consciously create new works of art,

Mr Toms experiences a profound and great joy.

Discovers by manifesting truly unique deep desires,

more unlimited paranormal abilities are activated.

He knows now these abilities are latent within all humans,

but most people in order to fit in, decide to deny their raw natural abilities.

After all,

"what would friends and family think if they caught me reading minds,

levitating, teleporting, or even sliding a cup across the table mentally?"

Who would risk being called a freak?

totally shunned by a lowest common denominator, consensus society?

So we do what we're told. Blend in.

Hoping nobody notices anything odd,

catches something out of the ordinary, out of the blue.

Effectively concealing our inane,

so-called bizarre and inexplicable behaviours.

It was very obvious why mass media bombarded the public with bad news 24/7.

While the populus loses faith in themselves as free and powerful individuals,

they'll readily submit to external power sources.

It was a self-con, an absurd joke, and almost everyone was playing it...

Yes, he could clearly see it now, feel the delicious irony of it all.

Imagine all-powerful beings pretending to be powerless.

Introducing: Great Gods From The Sky Helplessly Crawling.

Will they reclaim their power?

Watch them struggle through how many lifetimes?

Can they ever win?

Endlessly searching, hopelessly trying.

Will they even wake up?

In The Quest For The Ultimate.

How will it end?

Watch them beg and plead.

Assign power everywhere else but within...

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