Sunday, 24 February 2013

Suspect Officer Crowley

                         Suspect Officer Crowley
by Stormm
(c) February 24 2013

Crack Central, just another day.

Before the fateful call came through,

a jaded Crowley and his naive new partner were cruising the west side

of Queen and Dufferin, harassing scum.

It was your typical 2 am response,

a domestic.

According to dispatch,

the caller was being held hostage in a Lakeshore condo, by her ex boyfriend.

Being adrenaline junkies,

our pair of bullies with badges were itching for some real action.

This should take the edge off whatever's eating Crowley,

thought a relieved Jagger.

Her superior was really irritable tonight, his actions growing more erratic.

But it wasn't until entering the elevator that Officer Christina Jagger

would spot the obvious,

her partner's ice blue eyes,

were bugging with a chemically induced intensity.

"You okay?" she said half probing.

"I'm f*cking fine," he fired back.

Sweating profusely, pupils dilated, central nervous system tweaking,

he was totally alert, but definitely not okay.

"What's your assessment?"

"Suspect's a known felon and possibly armed."

Let's call for backup."

"No need, I recognize the address, let me handle it..."
Minutes later Jagger would dare ask, "why'd you let him off so easy?"

"She only had a black eye and refused to press charges.

Which saves us from filing another useless report."

Right as a downward elevator opens,

two loud shots ring out, barely seconds apart.

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!" yells Crowley,

banging the walls while running back to the crime scene.

But unknown to all, the real shit still hadn't hit the fan.

At least not yet.

Later a hidden secret ledger would be discovered.

The perp was a crystal meth dealer, Crowley's partner and main supplier.

Their business investment portfolio consisted of:

rolling meth labs, aiding and abetting ghetto drug dealers,

selling unregistered weapons, extortion.

This day was so not going good for Crowley...

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