Monday, 20 June 2011

Where Do Songs Come From?

                                       Where Do Songs Come From
by Stormm

I used to try to write songs. Pull apart and reshape chord progressions, decipher 

melodies. Knowing at some point it would spark a beautiful accident, inspire me to

conjure up something new. I was like a mad scientist asking, what if & / why not? 

it was always trial and error... 

Now I realize we're mediums, all the songs are already out there. Floating upon 

different frequencies or wavelengths. We only need tune into their channels, 

download the signals, broadcasting like satellites. Simply pluck endless fruits off 

multi-dimensional trees...


How many hours, how many years, lifetimes? searching for the right phrase, 

catchy lines, impressionistic craze. But then the Artist tries to deny their toil and 

labor by claiming, "oh this song just fell in my lap while taking a nap"... 

Self-deceptors desire lies to ply, playing mind games with infinity's remains. 

Creation requires action on one's part, fueled by our awesome powers of 


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Tuesday's Fight

                                              Tuesday's Fight
by Stormm

Tuesday, Set, Mars, Enlil, Tiw's day. Nergal "lord of the great dwelling" 

or Ninurta holds a bow and arrow, a sword or mace.

Tezcatlipoca "Smoking Mirror;" Tohil "obsidian, (tribute/payment)" his

nagual (animal) the Jaguar.

Ogun brandishes a machete, demanding rum and cigars. The patron of

smiths he presides over fire, iron, hunting, politics and technology...

representing The Sexual Chakra: Svadhisthana "Own Abode; Dwelling

place of the Self." The Generative center.

It is blocked by Guilt...

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The Bold Adventurer

                                                  The Bold Adventurer
by Stormm

He became manifest entirely anew, to propagate creative seeds of bursting

desire. The bold adventurer, tomorrow's sap lava flow, trailblazing infinite


Taps unlimited potential to propel maiden voyages, materialize

occult terrains, explore way beyond taboos...

Sudden lightning flashes of change boils the atmosphere, primal particles

crackle and rumble. Intense unique charges spark different new emotions,

blow out thermo nuclear mushroom clouds, freely access pure cold fusion...

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Sun Day

                                                  Sun Day
by Stormm

Sunday, Helios, Apollo, Utu or Shamash's Day. Nanahuatl "full of 

sores" (most humble of the gods) calmly leaps into fire to shine for all.

Ra riding a solar barge traverses the sky in the morning, the underworld

in the evening. Khepri (Scarab Beetle) rolls up the morning sun, Khnum

(Ram) is sunset.

The sun sleeps in the Lioness/Cow, you can see it's reflection in her eyes.

Horus (Falcon) the KRST or "anointed one," whose "All Seeing Eye"

bestows protection.

Surya has hair and arms of gold, Shango lives in a castle in the clouds...

representing the Heart Chakra: Anahata "Soundless Sound; Unstricken

Bell." Devotion.

It is blocked by Grief...

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Monday, 6 June 2011


by Stormm

As I enter my craft, it begins, a barely perceptible hum. We steadily tilt,

lifting. Gradual weight shift, motion adjustment centered, now focus...

Light as a feather the Orb launches, aureole silver jet black leaving wafer

thin purple-gold streaks. Up, up, rising further off world, we cruise fast

glide smooth, hover in slow motion. Every so often drawn to the windows,

I'll catch myself gazing back to stare breathlessly, in awe at the planets below.

Oh wow, what a rush! Third eye pulse experiences elicit equally

ecstatic external responses. Violently tossed hair cascades cool skin while

climbing higher, to ride out wind shear against air currents. Down updraft

through bleak stretches of dead-cold space.

Ship's movement in synch with under my guidance, we execute vertical

angles surf amid space wind.

Notice the time portal shimmering, near X21's outer limits, "ah just one

small quick turn". Damn! it was right there.

Now blinking rapidly, shaking head incredulously.

The whole galaxy suddenly just, it just suddenly disappeared...

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