Thursday, 29 December 2011

Acoustik Love

                                                Acoustik Love
by Stormm

It all started with Roger Williams, ran into him a couple times around Queen

& Spadina. He said "you should come by Cameron House, Leh-lo's hosting

an Open Mic." Actually, what I craved was a vacation. Producing, arranging,

composing and performing Electrik Sex Musik had left me exhausted,

overcritical and sick of hearing those songs. I must have unconsciously

known the real work had only just begun...

A plan without a band, how would I perform my masterpiece live? What's

the lightest, easiest way to travel and gig? I decided I needed to test some

new material, singing while playing an instrument. There were no preset

sonic concepts, just lay down a groove on piano or guitar and hope for the

best. It would be the opposite of what I had previously done. The result is

this documentary of impossible, spontaneous magic created by great


Featuring: Jeff Burke on Bassoon, Nathan on Violin, Jimmy on Harmonica,
                 Kobe James on Vocals.

SkyJuice: Leh-lo on Drums, Tom Mckay on Guitar and Bass, Roger on Bass,
                Dave Williams on Vocals and Drum Machine.

                         BUY IT HERE

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


by Stormm

101 El Mike drives swiftly, downtown whizzing through financial cores.

The skillful Adept navigates crucial high stakes business negotiations

while executing screeching corners, sudden stops, to deftly urge

beyond maximum curve.

Flooring the motion pedal of his brand new bright  Hover Craft

emergency red.

Zigzag express lanes plummet in a random gamble drop, he executes

free falls, counting down backwards until the last second to activate jet

blast ignition. Boosting them even further.

Soaring above cloudy twin skies,

is a customized sports utility, racing towards, locked in on collision

course, with the most exclusive spot this side of 9 Suns...

5'9 passenger side, the gorgeous curly haired biracial Afro redhead,

chewing gum bubbles after pops. Elongated tanned legs

uncross flexing arches, athletic calves, smooth thighs. Fresh 3D tattoo

nails twirl, sporting green heart-shaped slippers around recently

manicured toes.

She's conducting a distant symphony orchestra broadcast with her

orange heart-shaped lollipop held left hand, deeply excited behind

cool veneer.

With each new rush of adrenaline she exudes fatal narcotic pheromones,

her sweet aroma of seduction accompany potent come hither anything goes grin...

Spins sliding up to brake before steps out they onto red carpet gala

front entrance Award Ceremony extravaganza of, confetti, media

scrutiny, competitors amid security.

He whirls 360 degrees tossing remote key to concierge who directs it VIP.

Afro Girl's skin tight fabric randomly mutates textures, colors and designs.

She's flicked glass slippers into teeming screaming fans, network clowns run amok,

while event aides vie to present a more comfortable pair of invisible no-heels...

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

In The Flesh

                                              In The Flesh
by Stormm

The drunken man on the apartment balcony sits in a medium piss puddle,

barely conscious. His unpresent condition will be a great aid, so much

easier to enter and gain control of a body. The jolt then crush of

confinement, a sudden blast as I bathe in the strangest feelings. Back in

the flesh again, gasping, breathing in life once more. Experiencing actual

concrete physical reality sensations...

Slumped back head against wall, marveling at the splendor of glittering city

skyline night through blurry eyes, bathe in the roaring vibrations of wind,

traffic and rain. Tides of whizzing vehicles float by overhead, shuttle the

gracious and spiteful, both equally unaware of beings like me. Exhilarated,

tingling with unknown new awareness stimuli. I touch the floor in awe

slowly, palm sweeps along surface textures rough and smooth. Splash

rank yellow warm liquid acidic dripping down fingers smeared, stare on,

at, lick, smile, blissfully grinning...

Were am I? in whose body? for how long be able to keep will it? Should

hurry now find a better shell, a safe house, some bored emo soul wanting

out of an otherwise healthy construct. Something uncomfortable, feeling at

odds in this realm, beings estranged from adoptive skin...


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Monday, 10 October 2011

Karma Chameleon

                                                 Karma Chameleon
by Stormm

The shape-shifter casually adjusts her body in fluid transition, molding into

the recent encounter with absolute graceful ease. Unmatched adaptive skills

beyond comparison, absorbing even character flaws and personality traits.

Sheltered in a fog of amnesia, Karma fluidly discards motive, accents,

mannerism, quirks...

How long hath she been collecting forms, assuming new and unusual

physical positions? How many multitudes held in Limbo, captivated on

Astral Planes, unaware their dead? Caught up in a raging battle

between mobs of morphing psyches, individuality lost Karma blends in

out way beyond mimicry...

"No one knows which me is me, somewhere someone long ago. Nobody

knows my name, someone somewhere far away." Strange faces unknown

places populate, missing events flicker, vague images pop up more suddenly.

Flashes increase as friends, lovers, enemies, blur, into foreign objects...

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Sunday, 9 October 2011


by Stormm

No-where here, all self now is, clear. Pure consciousness without a shell,

a powerful intangible spirit of total extra-sensory perception.

Roaming the realms like an invisible shadow, a phantom suspect very

rarely intuited by only the most ultra-sensitive psychics.

Throughout wonders adrift as if...

Wanderlust, swimming vast creative oceans as nothingness sails the

eternal seas of space.

Having escaped Astral planes by shifting dimensions, via at first very

confusing states then gradual awareness of possibilities, the many

advantages of being incorporeal on so called physical material planes...

Reality immaterially disappearing No Where resurfaces, encounters and

interacts with Now Here, an endless array of unique entities.

Here no!

Sad collectives still dream of only experiencing single fragile temporary bodies,

role-play sleeping souls living out their own self-imposed, limited, social lives...

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Mr Leisure

                                      Mr Leisure
by Stormm

When Mr Leisure wakes up he's smiling, recharged and energetic.

Always fresh, in a new adventurous mood. An excited Leisure

rises stretching and yawning. Mr "oh the pleasure is all mine" sings

"where will I visit 2? somewhere next I've never been 2."

"AUM" he hums activating a violet oval portal with golden, jade,

scarlet halo. The portal shimmers while exteriors fluctuate, brief

moments later a different environment stabilizes.

Hathor flows over to greet me, her blurry rainbow body shimmering.

Every movement a sparkling color collage of poetry, seemingly she

maintains a distinctive form only completely recognisable when still.

Scented fireworks explode overhead, drizzle peppermint pineapple

for today only, rose champagne mists sprinkle vanilla almonds.

In paradise there are rainforests with diverse trees bearing many

unique fruits, some even taste bread like, once plucked they

instantly regrow.

Sky multitudes of liquid sea types abound, ever fresh rivers of the

choicest dry or sweet wines, raw milks, sticky honey overflowing.

Undines wade in tropical oceans and lakes, bathe on the rocks,

frolic by the beach. Some comb hair seductively, they sing and

proclaim, "it's love of love." Overwhelmed by such beauty and

unbearable pleasure, we weep periodically.

Just so, for fun Leisurely wonders how angels make love?

In a dimension where thoughts instantly manifest, just so...

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Forbidden Machines

                                          Forbidden Machines
by Stormm

Sneaking past hive creatures entwined in mutual absorption, I maneuver

cautiously through the vast maze of the Clinging Caverns. Occasionally

halting to avoid a lethal discharge of electric yellow and silver sparks.

By sudden random snap-crackles and violent pops at successive points,

along cold dull grey walls. Immense units of multi-limbed cyborgs

exchange passionation, these writhing live wire half-lings utter sharp

distorted metallic screams, sputter and squirt copious slick jet black fluids.

The brutal clang clang of banned experimental metals are clashing.

Revved up motors grinding merciless gears, this a continuous harsh

drip drip scrapey sound.

Somehow I must surely carry on, adroitly manage to survive yet another

hall of bored kamikaze moth divers, desperately bent on consummating

their fatal ignitions...

Submerged beneath overwhelmingly dense layers of accumulated

descending despair, ragged condemned ghouls gasp, fight back bitter

pepper tears. Their boiling volcanic rage escalating even more cruel


I'm full out sprinting now, over rough afflicted jagged terrain, skirt

weeping puddles of toxic heavy water and corrosive slimy green filth.

Hazardous rust dust stir bleak dune surfaces. Here rabid sulphur

clouds clog the stale poisonous atmosphere, spit bones, shred schemes,

reek futility.

A dauntingly eerie spine-tingling nervous tension exhales it's

smothering death stench. As lost cause moans throughout reverberate,

ravage this land of forbidden machines...

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The Tracker

                                           The Tracker
by Stormm

High astride orange kaleidoscope world globes, peering through rapidly

bubbling green and pink clouds. I fan some aside with a left hand, while

my right sends energy pulses down to successive planetary surfaces.

Golden elevator cubes beam below, transport dissolving Scout-Rays of

light filament webs. Root under cities and countries, listening for that oh

something special. Sniffing out and tasting regional flavors, stirring up

the firm nests of vast rich continentals.

Sample tastes innumerable sensory pleasure-pain inputs. Stroking the

planet like cool breezes caressing trees, tunes in hooked up sense


A glowing rainbow being with lightning locks, the dreaded psychic


Hangs suspended upside down, scanning throughout the worlds below...

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Watcher

                                           The Watcher
by Stormm

The Watcher drifts intently, hands firmly clasped behind back, suspended

in geospace. Navigates and adapts to this wild frontier of gaseous layers,

tidal surfing the vague border between atmosphere and outer space. In the

roaring silence it probes deep, extends a multitude of paranormal feelers,

gathers intel.

"What if only I remain?" ponders the scout. "Even the very powerful

grow tense, gasping more anxious breaths, fear what this duration portents.

The panic driven Machine estimates and ensuing stat tabs spit out endless

probables, update outcomes to my bold quest.

The longer I dwell in orbit the more fortune changes hands."

Accessing pure uncut sense data amongst the epic presence of planets,

stars and satellites. A patient invulnerable fallen angel, gathers personal

experiences from the various life forms below. Ramiel with sentient majestic

curly violet dreadlocks, unceasingly sieves the electromagnetic spectrum.

Thick billowing coils of exteriorized nerves pulse attentively, sifting

telepathic signals via entire populations. Unconscious memories and

impressions are combed for traces, however minute. Quick filters the

heaviest vibes, honing in with visceral conviction on more specific locales.

Pauses, completely still and sensitive, crouching upon the world sphere...

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Sunday, 11 September 2011


by Stormm

I float on thin air, walk the soft clouds, high above mountains and trees,

glide effortlessly. Propelled by sheer will power, moving throughout space.

Drift forwards and backwards with elevated strides, turning around, calmly

maneuver the skies.

Smooth instant levitation over sleek orange twilight sun shade glass towers.

Buoyant alongside trains, planes, helicopters and satellites. Hover past deluxe

pale grey transparent glass condos, vine climbing crisp rectangular balconies.

Suspended outside spacious apartments, applauding a gorgeous green lady's

sinuous dance. Generous thick lips smile mischievously, head tilts back as

long stinger darts out.

Pelvis gyrates, tail wags, she evokes webbed palms to heart extending scaly

arms. Undulating hips in synch with erotic hypnotic music. Steamy incense

rising perspiration drenched exotic bodies ride the waves, hug groin to groin,

winding like snakes...

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

My First Ghost

                                               My First Ghost
by Stormm

I saw my first ghost when I was seven years old. A duppy in the form 

of my father's father, it was trying to strangle my mother. We spent 

many night's after that fighting spiritual wickedness and negative 

entities in Kingston Jamaica. 

There were always two bats on the living room wall, the white one 

was my mother's father, they would spend the nights staring each 

other down. Sometimes my uncle would set aflame the the black bat, 

but it would still return the next night. 

Years later some friends in Toronto would say "it only works if you

believe, it's the power of suggestion" etc... But I realize now we're

all eternal spirits, manifesting on endlessly evolving dimensions. 

In intertwining and overlapping levels of existence, infinite realms 

within realms, worlds without end...

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Musical Interlude

                                              Musical Interlude
by Stormm

Confusion is the moment we begin 2 become aware, there's something

we're about / afraid 2 understand...

"It's just a phase. No headlights, the Purple H-a-ze."

Wait a minute. S-a-y whaat? "What in the world are they talking about?"

Whoa! I'm getting ahead a myself. Let me take U back 2 when it all began...

                                                        I BELIEVE

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


by Stormm

Monday, Mawu, Al-Lat (The Goddess), Diana or Luna. Mami Wata  

"the more than beautiful" mermaid, Mut primordial waters of the cosmos.

Aset (Isis) is "Great Lady of Magic, Stella Maris (Star of the Sea)."

Artemis carries a bow and arrows, young Po holds a rabbit, Yohaualticetl

is "Lady of The Night."

Selene rides a silver chariot, windblown veil above her head like the

arching canopy of sky. Nanna/Sin with flowing lapis lazuli beard, astride a

winged bull, Tecciztecatl old rabbit "man-on-the moon."

Khonsu (Pathfinder) travels across the night sky, Iah (Yah/Jah) means 

"moon" in Kemet, Chandra is "shining." Yemoja "Mother whose children

are like fish," owner of all the waters, dresses in blue satin, a beaded veil

over her face. 

"Mambo" La Sirene appears in dreams, revealing the mysteries of the deep.

Yemaya "Queen of the Ocean" is sent gifts in wooden toy boats, for her,

small offerings of flowers and floating candles are carried out to sea...

representing the Third Eye Chakra: Ajna "Guru's Command; Unlimited

Power; Beyond Knowledge;" Waking Consciousness, Mind, Insight.

It is blocked by Illusion...

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Perfect Day

                                             Perfect Day
by Stormm

I am dreaming of a perfect day, relax down by the shore. Water flows

and ebbs over sand, lands splash foamy clear.

Tongues lapping pebbles, wood, feet, sail gently along the sloping beach.

Steady roar echo ocean currents, swell up waves recede out and away.

A pure lively ambience of distant smashing rocks, jutting relentless high

tidal surges.

It's afternoon sunny now, peach lawn chair palm trees. Hot sand cold

drink in hand, seashells empty and clean.

Wind overhead anchor bamboo kites, whole bodies airborne, surf silky

blue skies...

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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gold 6

                                                     Gold 6
by Stormm

As 6 Gold inhales, the harsh bitter chill contracts and ravenous sadomasochistic

fiends are drawn magnetically. Emerging from burrows beneath seemingly

abandoned industrial complexes, 6 observes a being ahead, struggling, barely

able to crawl. White feminine features from waist up, opaque silver sprocket

where legs would be. Sprawled on the floor, dead or exhausted, it lies inert...

To soft breasts with swift bites, 6 savagely descends, sucking raw life force

juice between a heart and cybernetic chest. Rapaciously drinks her until

swarms commence ripping real and synthetic flesh, limbs, amped up organ

parts, obsolete gear and taste.

Gnashing sharpened teeth, amid the blur and dazzle of armor piercing claws

or fingernails. Activated gold plated talons clench and extend, whirring on

display. Adrenaline buzz junkies roar, project ear piercing screams. Defiant

high-pitched shrieks before the inevitable, collapsing, silent, whimper.

As the weak and wounded succumb, more hysterical scavengers attack each

other, a blind metallic mob enveloped in frenzy. After the carnage, another 6

triumphantly rises, wiping fresh blood and gore down cheeks up chin. Licks

goo off hands made so much more powerful, lapping up the freshly splattered

stains and choicest remains, proud...

                                                  R&B KILLED HIP HOP

Lord Of The Rings

                                            Lord Of The Rings
by Stormm

On Saturn's day the tyrant holds a sickle in his left hand, a bundle of wheat in his 

right, Kronos tries to control fate by eating his young, Chronos (time) the serpent 

with three heads encircles the primal world-egg. 

Shani "the one who moves slowly," stern teacher of restriction and misfortune, is

mounted on a black crow. Pachamama causes earthquakes, Kali "black night"

transcendental figure of annihilation, Mahakali great time or death.

Baron Samedi leader of the Guede (spirit powers of death and fertility) wears a

top hat, black tuxedo and dark glasses. He is the disruptive, obscene and 

debauched loa of sex and resurrection, fond of cigars, rum and hot peppers.

Orunmila (the organizer), GrandPriest and custodian of the Ifa Oracle...

representing the Base Chakra: Muladhara "Foundation; Root Place," Security. 

It is blocked by Fear...

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Dreams Within Dreams

                                 Dreams Within Dreams
by Stormm

I find myself walking amid early morning dreams, alone in the park on a

clear day. Quiet random gusts blast space, face and body. Eyes wink out

dirt as tears taste salty down cheeks roll.

Threading carefree amongst odd dry leaves, a stranger roams. Somewhere

the flesh wanders true, as here fresh tidal wind sweeps. Crossing smooth

well maintained narrow winding paths, right side farther ahead I see someone.

Above the grass upon a bench, before trees meet forest, supine. Draw nearer,

hands clasped behind head eyes closed, the motionless mute stranger calls.

Suddenly it clicks, instant pause because, now I realize. Sleeping Man here

there is me. Routinely casual, I turn go over, slip slide and enter, deeper into

his dreams...

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday's Guru

                                                    Thursday's Guru

by Stormm

Thursday, Guru, Thor's day. Jupiter (Optimus Maximus) god of sky and thunder.

Striding forward or seated in majesty, his symbols: the thunderbolt, eagle, bull,

and oak.

Quetzalcoatl "Sovereign Plumed Serpent," virgin born flying reptile gives maize

(corn) to mankind. Marduk champion of the Anunnaki, slays Tiamat (Chaos).

Damballa "carries the ancestors" on python back, hissing or speaking

through flames. Obatala "King of the White Cloth," O Ho Ho the Father of

Laughter, a tranquil judge "Who sits in the sky like a swarm of bees..."

representing the Navel Chakra: Manipura "Full of Rays; City of Jewels."


It is blocked by Shame...

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Golden 3rd Imagination Wars

                                Golden 3rd Imagination Wars
by Stormm

I was born after the Golden 3rd imagination wars, a scintillating rainbow

arch, tail-end blossom of muddy trails.

Braving potent gaps of hazy summer mid-afternoon showers, voyage

aimless musky pollen tinged eves.

Orange grass smiles report fresh glistening dew, neon steam reeds bend tall

floating groves.

Cutting a sharp swish swish whistle, scarlet bridge follow prism stairways.

Sprinkle fresh rose carpet petals eternal, through the unglued no-worlds...

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Monday, 20 June 2011

Where Do Songs Come From?

                                       Where Do Songs Come From
by Stormm

I used to try to write songs. Pull apart and reshape chord progressions, decipher 

melodies. Knowing at some point it would spark a beautiful accident, inspire me to

conjure up something new. I was like a mad scientist asking, what if & / why not? 

it was always trial and error... 

Now I realize we're mediums, all the songs are already out there. Floating upon 

different frequencies or wavelengths. We only need tune into their channels, 

download the signals, broadcasting like satellites. Simply pluck endless fruits off 

multi-dimensional trees...


How many hours, how many years, lifetimes? searching for the right phrase, 

catchy lines, impressionistic craze. But then the Artist tries to deny their toil and 

labor by claiming, "oh this song just fell in my lap while taking a nap"... 

Self-deceptors desire lies to ply, playing mind games with infinity's remains. 

Creation requires action on one's part, fueled by our awesome powers of 


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Tuesday's Fight

                                              Tuesday's Fight
by Stormm

Tuesday, Set, Mars, Enlil, Tiw's day. Nergal "lord of the great dwelling" 

or Ninurta holds a bow and arrow, a sword or mace.

Tezcatlipoca "Smoking Mirror;" Tohil "obsidian, (tribute/payment)" his

nagual (animal) the Jaguar.

Ogun brandishes a machete, demanding rum and cigars. The patron of

smiths he presides over fire, iron, hunting, politics and technology...

representing The Sexual Chakra: Svadhisthana "Own Abode; Dwelling

place of the Self." The Generative center.

It is blocked by Guilt...

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