Tuesday, 1 November 2011


by Stormm

101 El Mike drives swiftly, downtown whizzing through financial cores.

The skillful Adept navigates crucial high stakes business negotiations

while executing screeching corners, sudden stops, to deftly urge

beyond maximum curve.

Flooring the motion pedal of his brand new bright  Hover Craft

emergency red.

Zigzag express lanes plummet in a random gamble drop, he executes

free falls, counting down backwards until the last second to activate jet

blast ignition. Boosting them even further.

Soaring above cloudy twin skies,

is a customized sports utility, racing towards, locked in on collision

course, with the most exclusive spot this side of 9 Suns...

5'9 passenger side, the gorgeous curly haired biracial Afro redhead,

chewing gum bubbles after pops. Elongated tanned legs

uncross flexing arches, athletic calves, smooth thighs. Fresh 3D tattoo

nails twirl, sporting green heart-shaped slippers around recently

manicured toes.

She's conducting a distant symphony orchestra broadcast with her

orange heart-shaped lollipop held left hand, deeply excited behind

cool veneer.

With each new rush of adrenaline she exudes fatal narcotic pheromones,

her sweet aroma of seduction accompany potent come hither anything goes grin...

Spins sliding up to brake before steps out they onto red carpet gala

front entrance Award Ceremony extravaganza of, confetti, media

scrutiny, competitors amid security.

He whirls 360 degrees tossing remote key to concierge who directs it VIP.

Afro Girl's skin tight fabric randomly mutates textures, colors and designs.

She's flicked glass slippers into teeming screaming fans, network clowns run amok,

while event aides vie to present a more comfortable pair of invisible no-heels...

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