Monday, 21 January 2013

Suspect Dr Joseph Green

                      Suspect Dr Joseph Green
by Stormm
(c) January 21 2013

Dr Joseph Green, Nazi Alchemist benefactor of Erzulie and Venus Tantra,

was definitely losing touch.

Physically phasing in and out between realms,

his final death bed words were, "reality used to be a friend of mine."

By the literally pulsating, colourful end,

completely unable to distinguish his separate realities.

At the crossroad that ultimately confronts heretics,

where too many astral expeditions lead to less physical material attraction.

Why dwell where space, time and physical efforts are required to achieve goals,

when desire immediately manifests in astral realms?

The good doctor was obsessed, privately leading the fetish club lifestyle.

A secret Jesuit, masquerading as plastic surgeon.

He arrives early at S&M theme parties, to sit on a side bar stool,

behind the blond and bobbed, black leather skirt only clad female tied to a cross,

his right hand twitching impatiently.

By his feet sat a brown suitcase, it contains a bizarre assortment of whips.

To say he came prepared, was an understatement.

Halfway through the event Herr Doktor will suddenly disappear,

to return as a masked sub, head to toe in shiny black,

twin holes exposing pierced nipples chained and clamped.

Doctor Gimp, approaches a black ponytailed sexy white female dom,

dancing with her brown lover center stage.

Silently stands and stares,

unacknowledged he'll vanish, then soon reappear to lick her heels.

Eventually, perhaps if she feels generous enough, she'll punish him.

Grinding stilettos into his submissive supine body.

Like I said, "not exactly your average holistic type..."

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  1. I love the placement of music in the story. having a soundtrack for a story is a fantastic idea.