Monday, 14 January 2013

Corridor Of Secrets

                             Corridor Of Secrets
by Stormm
(c) January 14 2013

"Where am I?"

Psychic and physical senses are on full alert.

"I mustn't get caught, can't be too careful..."

Sprint along illuminated surprisingly long and narrow halls.

"Am I the only one left, the last survivor?"
Running scared pursued by a golden flying orb.

"Searching, searching 4 the door 2 the room of purpose."

Suddenly it briefly pauses to scan, track impressions,

inhale pheromones, access fear factors, mercilessly on the hunt.

The Jewel All Seeing Eye Patrols Winding Corridors...

"Searching, searching 4 the room 2 the door of purpose."
Panting hard, running, gasping and aching even harder,

as I exhaust each inhale exhale with quick eye sweeps.

The Golden Eye is gaining ground, it will catch up much sooner than planned.

Effortlessly wizzing corridors, 

excellerates the maze of long windy hallways, sailing sharp corners.

Hairs stand on end, intense spine tingling chills, as probe closes in.

Growing ever fearful that somewhere, someone will be enjoying all this...

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