Thursday, 12 September 2013


by Stormm
(c) September 12 2013

She screams silently in horror.

Terrified by a fresh yet familiar, handsome face in the mirror.

A face she'll gradually recognize with growing dread.

"For form it was, formerly the flesh of another."

Another shell, that from now on, only she'll possess.

The Brand New Face.

A Face That Comes With A Price.

She is screaming loud. With long, bone chilling, harsh shrieks.

Her hysterical wail rises above rocky, red desert canyons,

stirs up a frenzy of solidifying purple, chalk and black clouds.

They defiantly strike out, against once proud, bright orange skies.

Suddenly lightning flashes in silver gold response,

"and the bomb goes BOOM!"

Low rumbling sub atomic whips are cracking the sky,

blue electric charges shatter the split open atmosphere.

She unleashes a scorching downpour of pounding bitter rain,

they energize desolate wastelands.

Spear evergreen forests, armed with large bouquets of fresh betrayals.

Half her flowing teardrops float up, to climb above the planet.

Drifting as bubbles, they sail out beyond distant galaxies.

Enter a black hole vortex,

then exit thru it's white hole counterpart.

Completely transformed now,

they've become vibrant new energies, leaking in from another universe.

The Morning After...

Trapped in the body of the one she loves.

Trapped in the body of the one she ate...

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