Sunday, 15 September 2013

IX The Hermit

                                             IX The Hermit
by Stormm
(c) September 15 2013

Randomly sweeping the desolate plains of savage wastelands,

The Wind Cries Mary.

The Howling Hounds Of Love are Wailing Wailers.

Announcing arrival and departure times of The Sacred Hosts.

The Eternal Seeker Takes Another Trip.

Johnny Appleseed Is Propagating Magic.

Mister Gone Seeds The Harmony Of Change.

Sewing gardens and orchards.

Sister Gone Seeks Changing Harmonies.

The Wanderer Of Epic Journeys.

Yod = Hand, Fist, Right Hand.

Virgo: attribute of Coition / Intercourse.

Magus of the Voice of Light, Prophet of the Gods.

Wisdom sought for and obtained from above...

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