Sunday, 17 November 2013

XI Justice

                                       XI Justice
by Stormm
(c) November 17 2013

Crowned, regal and impartial.

Seated on her grey throne of Law & Order.

Passing unbiased judgement.

She decides the fate of all before her.

Crimson robe, green cloak, yellow crown.

Her right hand brandishing The Righteous Sword Of Truth And Justice.

In her left hangs the scale or balance.

Love Is Blind.

Between The Twin Towers.

Love Is Blind.

Before The Burgundy Veil.

Maat, Goddess of Harmony, Justice and Truth,

helps to judge the souls of the dead.

In Duat (The Underworld),

where each heart - soul is weighed against a single "Ostrich Feather Of Maat".
Athena Goddess of Judgement, upholds the existing order.

Neith Goddess of War and Weaving.

Spider Grandmother...

Libra: attribute of Action / Work.

Daughter Of The Lord Of Truth, Holder Of The Balance.

Power and Force, but arrested in the act of Judgement.

Eternal Justice and Balance.

A Court of Law / Trial.

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