Saturday, 9 March 2013

Five Thousand Years

                                Five Thousand Years
by Stormm
(c) March 9 2013

Five thousand years ago, did I wish to be here?

 Oh, for sure.

As sure as I am now back there.

Ready to enact this ensuing sequence of forever events.

Perhaps I'll get it right?

Act more powerfully, this time?

Like doing things better?

Perhaps whatever, for the very last time?

But considering the crazy things I proceeded to do,

immediately after trying to undo, things I'll swear never to.

Perhaps not.

"It's difficult you see, especially after the first thousand duration of everything..."
As it jumbles out of sequence,

my future-present-past falls apart,

some in pieces of wooden oval frames,

others shaped rectangular, spiky and frameless.

Myriad reflective scenarios are rolling away,

along the endless hall of mirrors.

Enacting every sparkling dramatic possibility,

of my eternal lives.

These fragments of real life movies unfold but cannot break,

instead they multiply.

As each simultaneous potential,

separates off into it's own orbital dimension.

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