Monday, 4 February 2013

The Secret Garden

                 The Secret Garden
by Stormm
(c) February 4 2013

Deep within The Forbidden Kingdom Of Secrets,

lie many hidden chambers.

Inside The Inner Temple of Sex Magic.

A mighty and powerful warrior awaits his favourite lover,

on a chinese bed.

Guarded and well protected by many obstacles and treacheries.

Inside Asian Palace Of The Yellow Red Lotus.

The Astral Forbidden Kingdom.
Torch lit ornamental lanterns are inscribed with sanskrit symbols,

a dangerous delicate garden of silk veils and bamboo.

He is patient, athletic, and topless.

The High Priestess Of Tantra, enters from left side invisible door.

She disrobes while walking towards me.

Visits an exotic setting of always night, where time stands still.

Tonight is a special occasion,

her favorite lover and most adventurous student has returned.

Sprightly on bare jeweled feet, she enters from private bedchambers.

Arching shoulders while hands extend, expanding as she advances.

Robe Falls Flowing With Thick Black Hair, sails down past her waist.

Beneath exquisite silk red dragon garment,

her splendid body reveals Ancient Mystic Scroll In Motion tattoos.

Straddling me she whispers,

"I'll teach you, then you'll teach me."

"Sex Magic."

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