Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Watcher

                                           The Watcher
by Stormm

The Watcher drifts intently, hands firmly clasped behind back, suspended

in geospace. Navigates and adapts to this wild frontier of gaseous layers,

tidal surfing the vague border between atmosphere and outer space. In the

roaring silence it probes deep, extends a multitude of paranormal feelers,

gathers intel.

"What if only I remain?" ponders the scout. "Even the very powerful

grow tense, gasping more anxious breaths, fear what this duration portents.

The panic driven Machine estimates and ensuing stat tabs spit out endless

probables, update outcomes to my bold quest.

The longer I dwell in orbit the more fortune changes hands."

Accessing pure uncut sense data amongst the epic presence of planets,

stars and satellites. A patient invulnerable fallen angel, gathers personal

experiences from the various life forms below. Ramiel with sentient majestic

curly violet dreadlocks, unceasingly sieves the electromagnetic spectrum.

Thick billowing coils of exteriorized nerves pulse attentively, sifting

telepathic signals via entire populations. Unconscious memories and

impressions are combed for traces, however minute. Quick filters the

heaviest vibes, honing in with visceral conviction on more specific locales.

Pauses, completely still and sensitive, crouching upon the world sphere...

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Sunday, 11 September 2011


by Stormm

I float on thin air, walk the soft clouds, high above mountains and trees,

glide effortlessly. Propelled by sheer will power, moving throughout space.

Drift forwards and backwards with elevated strides, turning around, calmly

maneuver the skies.

Smooth instant levitation over sleek orange twilight sun shade glass towers.

Buoyant alongside trains, planes, helicopters and satellites. Hover past deluxe

pale grey transparent glass condos, vine climbing crisp rectangular balconies.

Suspended outside spacious apartments, applauding a gorgeous green lady's

sinuous dance. Generous thick lips smile mischievously, head tilts back as

long stinger darts out.

Pelvis gyrates, tail wags, she evokes webbed palms to heart extending scaly

arms. Undulating hips in synch with erotic hypnotic music. Steamy incense

rising perspiration drenched exotic bodies ride the waves, hug groin to groin,

winding like snakes...

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

My First Ghost

                                               My First Ghost
by Stormm

I saw my first ghost when I was seven years old. A duppy in the form 

of my father's father, it was trying to strangle my mother. We spent 

many night's after that fighting spiritual wickedness and negative 

entities in Kingston Jamaica. 

There were always two bats on the living room wall, the white one 

was my mother's father, they would spend the nights staring each 

other down. Sometimes my uncle would set aflame the the black bat, 

but it would still return the next night. 

Years later some friends in Toronto would say "it only works if you

believe, it's the power of suggestion" etc... But I realize now we're

all eternal spirits, manifesting on endlessly evolving dimensions. 

In intertwining and overlapping levels of existence, infinite realms 

within realms, worlds without end...

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