Sunday, 15 September 2013

IX The Hermit

                                             IX The Hermit
by Stormm
(c) September 15 2013

Randomly sweeping the desolate plains of savage wastelands,

The Wind Cries Mary.

The Howling Hounds Of Love are Wailing Wailers.

Announcing arrival and departure times of The Sacred Hosts.

The Eternal Seeker Takes Another Trip.

Johnny Appleseed Is Propagating Magic.

Mister Gone Seeds The Harmony Of Change.

Sewing gardens and orchards.

Sister Gone Seeks Changing Harmonies.

The Wanderer Of Epic Journeys.

Yod = Hand, Fist, Right Hand.

Virgo: attribute of Coition / Intercourse.

Magus of the Voice of Light, Prophet of the Gods.

Wisdom sought for and obtained from above...

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Thursday, 12 September 2013


by Stormm
(c) September 12 2013

She screams silently in horror.

Terrified by a fresh yet familiar, handsome face in the mirror.

A face she'll gradually recognize with growing dread.

"For form it was, formerly the flesh of another."

Another shell, that from now on, only she'll possess.

The Brand New Face.

A Face That Comes With A Price.

She is screaming loud. With long, bone chilling, harsh shrieks.

Her hysterical wail rises above rocky, red desert canyons,

stirs up a frenzy of solidifying purple, chalk and black clouds.

They defiantly strike out, against once proud, bright orange skies.

Suddenly lightning flashes in silver gold response,

"and the bomb goes BOOM!"

Low rumbling sub atomic whips are cracking the sky,

blue electric charges shatter the split open atmosphere.

She unleashes a scorching downpour of pounding bitter rain,

they energize desolate wastelands.

Spear evergreen forests, armed with large bouquets of fresh betrayals.

Half her flowing teardrops float up, to climb above the planet.

Drifting as bubbles, they sail out beyond distant galaxies.

Enter a black hole vortex,

then exit thru it's white hole counterpart.

Completely transformed now,

they've become vibrant new energies, leaking in from another universe.

The Morning After...

Trapped in the body of the one she loves.

Trapped in the body of the one she ate...

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Six Million Light Years

                         Six Million Light Years
by Stormm

She came from six million light years away.

Roughly half a day's journey via the nearest black hole.

While her emerald nanotube beryllium spacecraft enters the upper atmosphere,

of a tiny blue planet, third from it's sun.

She gestures the intergalactic greeting.

"One Plus One Equals Three",

purrs the first domestic cat encountered,

clearly hip and awaiting the secret counter sign.

"Create Long And Prosper",

the extended webbed limbs of advanced consciousness replies.

Based on observing the various planetary cultural lifestyles,

these were evidently this world's leaders, it's most evolved creatures.

Her eminence was pleased,

impressed by the obvious intelligence of these curious life forms.

"Perhaps the rumours of savage conflict and turmoil on this world,

were merely over exaggerated after all..."

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

VIII Strength

                                                      VIII Strength
by Stormm
(c) September 5 2013

Fortitude, Courage, Strength, Lust.

Hercules Samson, The Proud Solar Hero.

Nine City Serpents Cross Roads.

Beauty And The Beast.

Daughter Of The Flaming Sword, Leader Of The Lion.

Venus The Fire Goddess Pets Leo The Red Lion.
Spontaneous Energy moving on to further activity.

Great Power And Expansive Force In Action.

Goodness, The Universal Medicine.

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