Monday, 22 April 2013

Everywhere vs Nowhere

                      Everywhere vs Nowhere
by Stormm
(c) April 22 2013

Suddenly Everywhere decided it would attempt to locate Nowhere.

Therefore she begat by simultaneous projections of consciousness,

individual parts of additional selves.

In that instant, transports.

Separate. Specific.

Distinct appendages, enters all the realms.

Casting their myriad sense nets, amid regions of unknown dimensions.

On XPD91, two hundred nostrils will inhale arid tumbling desert,

sieve the pungent burning spices of mountainous sand dunes.

Blissfully overwhelmed by intoxicating exotic fumes,

some did shallow port docks wade,

snort refreshingly crisp, cyclic ocean breeze blasts.

In the Sirius star system, seventy seven tongues are exploring planet Isis.

Their tingling taste buds will precisely differentiate,

between the savory coating sensations of umami and pleasurable sweetness.

While cautiously sampling the cloying melodramatic bitterness,

of toxic professional victims, where high buzz plunges to severe cringe.
From the Delta 14 multiverse, ear reports bear an insistent whirring.

Uninterrupted high pitched whistles and low rumblings arrive,

their roaring waves of pressure being translated into sound.

Upon the canals of Xan Wu,

Capricorn Cameras set sail inhabited ancient giant cities, detecting light.

Heat Seekers navigate hidden pyramids beneath Phoenix Planets,

a legion of eyes focusing images converted into electrical signals.

On Klattu, emphatic interplanetary hands are busy tracing underwater currents,

flowers in the mud alternate from sharp and jagged,

along to the somewhat smooth,

slippery rock formations of subterranean passages.

But how will they detect the energy fields of an intangible entity?

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