Tuesday, 12 November 2013

X The Wheel Of Fortune

                                   X The Wheel Of Fortune
by Stormm
(c) November 12 2013

Jupiter Obatala, God of Fortune, Luck, Beneficence.

Mr Blue Sky.

Good Fortune and Happiness Within bounds,

sometimes Intoxication With Success.

The ROTA or TARO Wheel of Isis Fortuna,

Goddess of Luck and Chance.

Veiled / Blindfolded and Capricious,

she spins it randomly, changing the fates of all.

Where Fortune changes hands,

the slippery sidewinder Typhon slithers.

Long Yellow Serpent Of Time,

following the bruised heels of Anubis.

The Jackal Headed Man,

flys with Fortuna's Wheel upon back,

while it spins along the spine.
Blue Sphinx Holding Sword,

crouches casually center square atop The World Dome.

Guarding the corners, are Four Watchtowers.

The Sacred Yellow Animal Guides.

The Holy Living Creatures of Ezekiel:

Fire The Lion - Leo.

Water The Eagle - Scorpio.

Air The Angel - Aquarius.

Earth The Ox / Bull - Taurus.

Each bears 1,

2 study intently or read from,

the blank pages of a book?

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