Friday, 30 November 2012

S & M

                                      S & M
by Stormm

There's a wealthy man in diapers, helplessly tied up in a dungeon.

Craving the attention, paying for humiliation, desperately begging to be shamed.

The plastic surgeon momentarily relinquishes corrupt and abusive power,

anonymous in shiny leather mask, tight gag muffling impotent sounds.

Oh sweet surrender.

Out of control, completely free from all his responsibilities,

back in the surrogate womb.

Only this time, mommy gives her full attention.
He's almost alive there in the dark, within brief flashes of red pain,

where almost ecstasy registers faintly, like sharp bright lightning in the distance.

Did he nearly feel something this time?

The body involuntarily cries out with deeper grunts and more violent moans,

but the thrill is gone, it's been long since gone...

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Multi-limbed Beings

                            Multi-limbed Beings
by Stormm

In a distant galaxy where multi-limbed beings reign supreme,

I stop over to rest between routine Solar System explorations.

Deploy an hologram after receiving telepathic link-up from

August Salamander Chiefs.

Discussing their desire to ensure further secrecy of their

home planet's orbital location and sun's exact parallel ghost star.

I immediately agree while surveying the galaxy from a majestic moon,

conscious why it's even worth consideration.

Pyramidian customs are the result of millennia trial and error experiments,

geared towards abundant communities.

They have always achieved the best results by sustaining small,

self-sufficent, independent local republics,

with limited and accountable governments.
Banning the flawed concept of a central governing body,

before it's erosive system eventually collapses all industry and innovation.

Even worse, if left unchecked insane elites inevitably hatch plots to suicidally

trigger the extinction of all species.

Here the bare necessities of survival are free to all regardless of origin,

past, or circumstance.

Each citizen receives free energy packs to power their homes,

vehicles and appliances.

Obviously having many decentralized power centers and sources,

guarantee denizens will never seek enslavement or be manipulated

into surrendering their power, freedom of expression or personal beliefs.

There are no limits placed on individual imaginations,

endless conflicting and contradictory technological methods are encouraged,

diversity being the optimum means of breeding further innovations...

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

V The Hierophant

                             V The Hierophant
by Stormm

TAURUS Between Twin Pillars.

Teaching Divine Wisdom Desires Manifestation.

Magus Of The Eternal Gods.

6 Knows The Reason Of Past Present & Future.

Sits Crowned On His Throne At The End Of The Path.

Guardian Of The Way Of Initiation, Magi In The Hall Of Mirrors.

The Confrontational Truth, Righteous Bull On Snowy Mountains.

The Sentinel Protects The Paths Of Knowledge And Wisdom.

The Sphinx utters the universal riddle, conceals the magic password.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here..."
A Deep Voice Echoes Booming.

Collapsing Walls Of Temple Rocks Crumble As Heads Rumble.

Bury the hypocrites in avalanches of forbidden knowledge.

Cast out all false merchants, expose second hand discounters.

The Dispeller Of Illusion Reveals Barren Casino Deserts.

Uproots, overturns and smashes gambling tables.

The Mad Hatter Introduces Himself To Weary Travelers.

At the end of distant winding trails.

High Priest Rents The Obsolete Veil...

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Crimson Serpent

                                 Crimson Serpent
by Stormm

I stand hiding, behind the white marble columns of an ancient structure.

Directly before me, winding out further along boiling hot sand,

my family's monstrous pet serpent crawls.

It's elongated red body veers to the right, steadily in pursuit of fresh food.

I sneak off to the left,

running around back to the farthest end of this mausoleum.

From my new somewhat safer vantage point,

I notice Jing-Wei and immediately yell at her to get away.

She's out alone in silver grey occasional flashes of mid-day golden sun,

adrift flat white plains of endless sand.
Jing-Wei continues walking slowly to her right,

oblivious while crimson coils are quickly gaining ground.

She enters the very edge of a gray forest where there are scattered

patches of yellow grass, low dull shrubs, dried up sticks.

The Serpent follows, entering the forest's edge.

It encounters something and momentarily pauses.

Abruptly it's body spasms.


Did it encounter a rabbit or some other small creature?

It must have swallowed her whole.

Startled, I wake up...

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

New World's First Day

                           New World's First Day
by Stormm

Since before voids of eternal night, I have been at it.

Painting final adjustments, precisely chiseling out this fresh planet.

Split decision fauna of world wide flora ocean improvements,

improvising atmospheric condition experiments.

Now, my fantastic work is complete, behold this total creation.

"When it's finally over, is when we've only just begun..."

Triumphant atop my favourite new cloud, white phoenix feather in hand,

I begin conducting.

As the bubbling first sun solidifies explosive, plasma sting-rays cross horizons.

I am the Head In The Clouds Basking In My Glory,

He Who Smiles Upon Majestic New Days.
The space swelling overtures of rhapsodic transcendental music,

introduces new life forms, projects hybrid life blossoms, stimulate becomings.

Brings it all to thrilling life in symphonic, juicy, passionate climaxes.

Gradually the new horizon dawns.

The first, abuzz with chaotic sound clash, fertile orchestration from on high.

I Afloat Sky Furniture Conducts,

waves a feather directing each new random activity.

Experience the increasing actions of rustling, stirring, self-transforming entities.

Sweeping Fanfares Announce Awesome Rising Sun's first full increase.

I evaporate soft liquid damp, while sizzling fumes melt shimmering dew.

The first soil, early birds, oceans, bugs, dolphins, insects, rain forests, crickets,

turtles, plankton, reptiles rise and shine, monkeys dance, deserts sing,

wild cats and elephants rejoice.

Across the planetary surface, more distant opposite sides are heating up.

Unseen forms emerge, energy engines pump, pump away.

The gradual strains of a million marching bands grew louder,

as first day approaches...

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Man's Best Friend

                               Man's Best Friend
by Stormm

Inside a quiet and still townhouse,

there's a large white dog to the left of book filled library shelves.

He's sitting on the main floor, at the bottom of dark brown stairs.

Home alone now, seemingly he awaits his master's return.

After waiting like this for so many years, almost grown accustomed.

Passing the hours in anticipation he projects his consciousness

across space and time, outside, moving between fields,

along favorite trees and running paths.

Momentarily dips in on the fragile man servant,

while it's toiling hard, providing the necessities of survival.
Travels on, even further afield,

all the way back home to it's own distant world,

very, very far away.

A temporary physical shell has been left behind.

The alien vessel of an immaterial soul, this friendly bundle of

breathing fur, lies panting.

Among clean white tiles, cool light brown wooden floors.

Arriving upon it's host planet, the extraterrestrial smiles.

Woof woof.

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