Monday, 9 September 2013

Six Million Light Years

                         Six Million Light Years
by Stormm

She came from six million light years away.

Roughly half a day's journey via the nearest black hole.

While her emerald nanotube beryllium spacecraft enters the upper atmosphere,

of a tiny blue planet, third from it's sun.

She gestures the intergalactic greeting.

"One Plus One Equals Three",

purrs the first domestic cat encountered,

clearly hip and awaiting the secret counter sign.

"Create Long And Prosper",

the extended webbed limbs of advanced consciousness replies.

Based on observing the various planetary cultural lifestyles,

these were evidently this world's leaders, it's most evolved creatures.

Her eminence was pleased,

impressed by the obvious intelligence of these curious life forms.

"Perhaps the rumours of savage conflict and turmoil on this world,

were merely over exaggerated after all..."

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