Friday, 15 February 2013

Animate Objects

                             Animate Objects
by Stormm
(c) February 15 2013

Artist Studio.

When things materialize, they'll just suddenly pop up unannounced.

Unknown objects float by, foreign items that keep moving about.

Some disappear when unnecessary, or not currently in use.

Cans of paint and oils hover, ready to swing into action as needed.
I'm now able to mentally move everything around me.

To locate and match their consciousness frequency, prove them animate,

improvise as each fulfills my purpose, apply corresponding designs.

I will a stove burner to ignite and the dial moves to it's medium setting.

Imagine a kettle over to the sink, command silver faucets turn on running water.

The mixer tap switches itself off after each filling, the pot's brown lid fits in place.

A hovering kettle settles down on the stainless steel stove,

it boils overflown steaming liquid.

Meanwhile a small formation of beige cups and saucers,

float over to the nearest yellow counter top.

The pot goes from cup to cup,

it's spout pouring hot water on fresh mint tea leaves,

that sail in from our garden.

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