Saturday, 9 February 2013

Golden Knowledge Book

                        Golden Knowledge Book
by Stormm
(c) February 9 2013

The Voice of Knowledge provides a vivid account of all, as it occurs.

Library Curator Of The Sum Of All Information, reports the living story.

A male baritone expounds descriptive events in an even casual tone.

Suddenly, materializing left foreground,

on a small, brown circular wooden table,

lies a large Golden Jewel Book.

Narrating powerful cosmic knowledge,

it commences unveiling Mysteries Of Kundalini,

then ventures way beyond celestial heavens.
Increasingly The Knowledge Book occupies more of my attention,

while the couple, on my right, intensify their Sex Dance.

Eventually this forbidden wisdom gets too intense and overwhelming,

I can't handle the heavy vibes and must leave.

A barrier of negative emotions intimidates, until I'm gripped with fear.

Immediately cast out, into a dark, large empty hall.

It's the Room Of Obstacles, shielding the Corridor Of Secrets.

Here random deadly spears fly out, from the walls of any and all sides.

I hesitate, timing their movements for the right moment,

but a pattern is indiscernible.

Suddenly a voice inside says "jump", and I do.

Leaping above a spear that ejects just one moment too late.

Moving straight ahead passing through walls of dimensions,

until I arrive at a huge courtyard with tall lanterns.

Before me a red carpet leads the way,

along the gradual series of ascending and descending wooden steps,

across a bridge.

It's a warm summer night as Venus appears,

smiling mischievously.

She'll ask what I found out, learned inside?

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