Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gold 6

                                                     Gold 6
by Stormm

As 6 Gold inhales, the harsh bitter chill contracts and ravenous sadomasochistic

fiends are drawn magnetically. Emerging from burrows beneath seemingly

abandoned industrial complexes, 6 observes a being ahead, struggling, barely

able to crawl. White feminine features from waist up, opaque silver sprocket

where legs would be. Sprawled on the floor, dead or exhausted, it lies inert...

To soft breasts with swift bites, 6 savagely descends, sucking raw life force

juice between a heart and cybernetic chest. Rapaciously drinks her until

swarms commence ripping real and synthetic flesh, limbs, amped up organ

parts, obsolete gear and taste.

Gnashing sharpened teeth, amid the blur and dazzle of armor piercing claws

or fingernails. Activated gold plated talons clench and extend, whirring on

display. Adrenaline buzz junkies roar, project ear piercing screams. Defiant

high-pitched shrieks before the inevitable, collapsing, silent, whimper.

As the weak and wounded succumb, more hysterical scavengers attack each

other, a blind metallic mob enveloped in frenzy. After the carnage, another 6

triumphantly rises, wiping fresh blood and gore down cheeks up chin. Licks

goo off hands made so much more powerful, lapping up the freshly splattered

stains and choicest remains, proud...

                                                  R&B KILLED HIP HOP

Lord Of The Rings

                                            Lord Of The Rings
by Stormm

On Saturn's day the tyrant holds a sickle in his left hand, a bundle of wheat in his 

right, Kronos tries to control fate by eating his young, Chronos (time) the serpent 

with three heads encircles the primal world-egg. 

Shani "the one who moves slowly," stern teacher of restriction and misfortune, is

mounted on a black crow. Pachamama causes earthquakes, Kali "black night"

transcendental figure of annihilation, Mahakali great time or death.

Baron Samedi leader of the Guede (spirit powers of death and fertility) wears a

top hat, black tuxedo and dark glasses. He is the disruptive, obscene and 

debauched loa of sex and resurrection, fond of cigars, rum and hot peppers.

Orunmila (the organizer), GrandPriest and custodian of the Ifa Oracle...

representing the Base Chakra: Muladhara "Foundation; Root Place," Security. 

It is blocked by Fear...

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Dreams Within Dreams

                                 Dreams Within Dreams
by Stormm

I find myself walking amid early morning dreams, alone in the park on a

clear day. Quiet random gusts blast space, face and body. Eyes wink out

dirt as tears taste salty down cheeks roll.

Threading carefree amongst odd dry leaves, a stranger roams. Somewhere

the flesh wanders true, as here fresh tidal wind sweeps. Crossing smooth

well maintained narrow winding paths, right side farther ahead I see someone.

Above the grass upon a bench, before trees meet forest, supine. Draw nearer,

hands clasped behind head eyes closed, the motionless mute stranger calls.

Suddenly it clicks, instant pause because, now I realize. Sleeping Man here

there is me. Routinely casual, I turn go over, slip slide and enter, deeper into

his dreams...

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday's Guru

                                                    Thursday's Guru

by Stormm

Thursday, Guru, Thor's day. Jupiter (Optimus Maximus) god of sky and thunder.

Striding forward or seated in majesty, his symbols: the thunderbolt, eagle, bull,

and oak.

Quetzalcoatl "Sovereign Plumed Serpent," virgin born flying reptile gives maize

(corn) to mankind. Marduk champion of the Anunnaki, slays Tiamat (Chaos).

Damballa "carries the ancestors" on python back, hissing or speaking

through flames. Obatala "King of the White Cloth," O Ho Ho the Father of

Laughter, a tranquil judge "Who sits in the sky like a swarm of bees..."

representing the Navel Chakra: Manipura "Full of Rays; City of Jewels."


It is blocked by Shame...

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Golden 3rd Imagination Wars

                                Golden 3rd Imagination Wars
by Stormm

I was born after the Golden 3rd imagination wars, a scintillating rainbow

arch, tail-end blossom of muddy trails.

Braving potent gaps of hazy summer mid-afternoon showers, voyage

aimless musky pollen tinged eves.

Orange grass smiles report fresh glistening dew, neon steam reeds bend tall

floating groves.

Cutting a sharp swish swish whistle, scarlet bridge follow prism stairways.

Sprinkle fresh rose carpet petals eternal, through the unglued no-worlds...

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