Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday's Guru

                                                    Thursday's Guru

by Stormm

Thursday, Guru, Thor's day. Jupiter (Optimus Maximus) god of sky and thunder.

Striding forward or seated in majesty, his symbols: the thunderbolt, eagle, bull,

and oak.

Quetzalcoatl "Sovereign Plumed Serpent," virgin born flying reptile gives maize

(corn) to mankind. Marduk champion of the Anunnaki, slays Tiamat (Chaos).

Damballa "carries the ancestors" on python back, hissing or speaking

through flames. Obatala "King of the White Cloth," O Ho Ho the Father of

Laughter, a tranquil judge "Who sits in the sky like a swarm of bees..."

representing the Navel Chakra: Manipura "Full of Rays; City of Jewels."


It is blocked by Shame...

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