Sunday, 9 October 2011


by Stormm

No-where here, all self now is, clear. Pure consciousness without a shell,

a powerful intangible spirit of total extra-sensory perception.

Roaming the realms like an invisible shadow, a phantom suspect very

rarely intuited by only the most ultra-sensitive psychics.

Throughout wonders adrift as if...

Wanderlust, swimming vast creative oceans as nothingness sails the

eternal seas of space.

Having escaped Astral planes by shifting dimensions, via at first very

confusing states then gradual awareness of possibilities, the many

advantages of being incorporeal on so called physical material planes...

Reality immaterially disappearing No Where resurfaces, encounters and

interacts with Now Here, an endless array of unique entities.

Here no!

Sad collectives still dream of only experiencing single fragile temporary bodies,

role-play sleeping souls living out their own self-imposed, limited, social lives...

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