Monday, 20 June 2011

Where Do Songs Come From?

                                       Where Do Songs Come From
by Stormm

I used to try to write songs. Pull apart and reshape chord progressions, decipher 

melodies. Knowing at some point it would spark a beautiful accident, inspire me to

conjure up something new. I was like a mad scientist asking, what if & / why not? 

it was always trial and error... 

Now I realize we're mediums, all the songs are already out there. Floating upon 

different frequencies or wavelengths. We only need tune into their channels, 

download the signals, broadcasting like satellites. Simply pluck endless fruits off 

multi-dimensional trees...


How many hours, how many years, lifetimes? searching for the right phrase, 

catchy lines, impressionistic craze. But then the Artist tries to deny their toil and 

labor by claiming, "oh this song just fell in my lap while taking a nap"... 

Self-deceptors desire lies to ply, playing mind games with infinity's remains. 

Creation requires action on one's part, fueled by our awesome powers of 


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  1. Stormm,

    Hi there, you summed up an Artist's creation perfectly! I love that line "...pluck endless fruits off multi-dimensional trees.." Very creative!

    BTW, thanks for stopping by and following! I wanted to follow you as well, but I got a message about my settings which prevented me from being able to. I sent a message earlier today, and I hope you got it :-)

    You have a very good night,

    Charmaine Elizabeth

  2. Only just got a message about your comment, thanks. It's interesting how Artists are afraid to claim the credits for inspired moments that accompany hard work.

    "Where Do Songs Come From?" reflect my changing views on the creativity,

    how I switched from a passive (wait & see ) to an active approach

    (write as much as possible until something clicks, and be flexible enough

    to allow the happy accidents.)

    P.S. Charmaine, If you can't follow through blogger, you can use the Networked Blogs

    link (Top Right of Page), and sign up through facebook.