Friday, 29 July 2011

Dreams Within Dreams

                                 Dreams Within Dreams
by Stormm

I find myself walking amid early morning dreams, alone in the park on a

clear day. Quiet random gusts blast space, face and body. Eyes wink out

dirt as tears taste salty down cheeks roll.

Threading carefree amongst odd dry leaves, a stranger roams. Somewhere

the flesh wanders true, as here fresh tidal wind sweeps. Crossing smooth

well maintained narrow winding paths, right side farther ahead I see someone.

Above the grass upon a bench, before trees meet forest, supine. Draw nearer,

hands clasped behind head eyes closed, the motionless mute stranger calls.

Suddenly it clicks, instant pause because, now I realize. Sleeping Man here

there is me. Routinely casual, I turn go over, slip slide and enter, deeper into

his dreams...

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