Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Tracker

                                           The Tracker
by Stormm

High astride orange kaleidoscope world globes, peering through rapidly

bubbling green and pink clouds. I fan some aside with a left hand, while

my right sends energy pulses down to successive planetary surfaces.

Golden elevator cubes beam below, transport dissolving Scout-Rays of

light filament webs. Root under cities and countries, listening for that oh

something special. Sniffing out and tasting regional flavors, stirring up

the firm nests of vast rich continentals.

Sample tastes innumerable sensory pleasure-pain inputs. Stroking the

planet like cool breezes caressing trees, tunes in hooked up sense


A glowing rainbow being with lightning locks, the dreaded psychic


Hangs suspended upside down, scanning throughout the worlds below...

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