Sunday, 2 October 2011

Forbidden Machines

                                          Forbidden Machines
by Stormm

Sneaking past hive creatures entwined in mutual absorption, I maneuver

cautiously through the vast maze of the Clinging Caverns. Occasionally

halting to avoid a lethal discharge of electric yellow and silver sparks.

By sudden random snap-crackles and violent pops at successive points,

along cold dull grey walls. Immense units of multi-limbed cyborgs

exchange passionation, these writhing live wire half-lings utter sharp

distorted metallic screams, sputter and squirt copious slick jet black fluids.

The brutal clang clang of banned experimental metals are clashing.

Revved up motors grinding merciless gears, this a continuous harsh

drip drip scrapey sound.

Somehow I must surely carry on, adroitly manage to survive yet another

hall of bored kamikaze moth divers, desperately bent on consummating

their fatal ignitions...

Submerged beneath overwhelmingly dense layers of accumulated

descending despair, ragged condemned ghouls gasp, fight back bitter

pepper tears. Their boiling volcanic rage escalating even more cruel


I'm full out sprinting now, over rough afflicted jagged terrain, skirt

weeping puddles of toxic heavy water and corrosive slimy green filth.

Hazardous rust dust stir bleak dune surfaces. Here rabid sulphur

clouds clog the stale poisonous atmosphere, spit bones, shred schemes,

reek futility.

A dauntingly eerie spine-tingling nervous tension exhales it's

smothering death stench. As lost cause moans throughout reverberate,

ravage this land of forbidden machines...

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