Saturday, 8 October 2011

Mr Leisure

                                      Mr Leisure
by Stormm

When Mr Leisure wakes up he's smiling, recharged and energetic.

Always fresh, in a new adventurous mood. An excited Leisure

rises stretching and yawning. Mr "oh the pleasure is all mine" sings

"where will I visit 2? somewhere next I've never been 2."

"AUM" he hums activating a violet oval portal with golden, jade,

scarlet halo. The portal shimmers while exteriors fluctuate, brief

moments later a different environment stabilizes.

Hathor flows over to greet me, her blurry rainbow body shimmering.

Every movement a sparkling color collage of poetry, seemingly she

maintains a distinctive form only completely recognisable when still.

Scented fireworks explode overhead, drizzle peppermint pineapple

for today only, rose champagne mists sprinkle vanilla almonds.

In paradise there are rainforests with diverse trees bearing many

unique fruits, some even taste bread like, once plucked they

instantly regrow.

Sky multitudes of liquid sea types abound, ever fresh rivers of the

choicest dry or sweet wines, raw milks, sticky honey overflowing.

Undines wade in tropical oceans and lakes, bathe on the rocks,

frolic by the beach. Some comb hair seductively, they sing and

proclaim, "it's love of love." Overwhelmed by such beauty and

unbearable pleasure, we weep periodically.

Just so, for fun Leisurely wonders how angels make love?

In a dimension where thoughts instantly manifest, just so...

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