Wednesday, 17 August 2011


by Stormm

Monday, Mawu, Al-Lat (The Goddess), Diana or Luna. Mami Wata  

"the more than beautiful" mermaid, Mut primordial waters of the cosmos.

Aset (Isis) is "Great Lady of Magic, Stella Maris (Star of the Sea)."

Artemis carries a bow and arrows, young Po holds a rabbit, Yohaualticetl

is "Lady of The Night."

Selene rides a silver chariot, windblown veil above her head like the

arching canopy of sky. Nanna/Sin with flowing lapis lazuli beard, astride a

winged bull, Tecciztecatl old rabbit "man-on-the moon."

Khonsu (Pathfinder) travels across the night sky, Iah (Yah/Jah) means 

"moon" in Kemet, Chandra is "shining." Yemoja "Mother whose children

are like fish," owner of all the waters, dresses in blue satin, a beaded veil

over her face. 

"Mambo" La Sirene appears in dreams, revealing the mysteries of the deep.

Yemaya "Queen of the Ocean" is sent gifts in wooden toy boats, for her,

small offerings of flowers and floating candles are carried out to sea...

representing the Third Eye Chakra: Ajna "Guru's Command; Unlimited

Power; Beyond Knowledge;" Waking Consciousness, Mind, Insight.

It is blocked by Illusion...

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