Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gold 6

                                                     Gold 6
by Stormm

As 6 Gold inhales, the harsh bitter chill contracts and ravenous sadomasochistic

fiends are drawn magnetically. Emerging from burrows beneath seemingly

abandoned industrial complexes, 6 observes a being ahead, struggling, barely

able to crawl. White feminine features from waist up, opaque silver sprocket

where legs would be. Sprawled on the floor, dead or exhausted, it lies inert...

To soft breasts with swift bites, 6 savagely descends, sucking raw life force

juice between a heart and cybernetic chest. Rapaciously drinks her until

swarms commence ripping real and synthetic flesh, limbs, amped up organ

parts, obsolete gear and taste.

Gnashing sharpened teeth, amid the blur and dazzle of armor piercing claws

or fingernails. Activated gold plated talons clench and extend, whirring on

display. Adrenaline buzz junkies roar, project ear piercing screams. Defiant

high-pitched shrieks before the inevitable, collapsing, silent, whimper.

As the weak and wounded succumb, more hysterical scavengers attack each

other, a blind metallic mob enveloped in frenzy. After the carnage, another 6

triumphantly rises, wiping fresh blood and gore down cheeks up chin. Licks

goo off hands made so much more powerful, lapping up the freshly splattered

stains and choicest remains, proud...

                                                  R&B KILLED HIP HOP

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