Thursday, 29 December 2011

Acoustik Love

                                                Acoustik Love
by Stormm

It all started with Roger Williams, ran into him a couple times around Queen

& Spadina. He said "you should come by Cameron House, Leh-lo's hosting

an Open Mic." Actually, what I craved was a vacation. Producing, arranging,

composing and performing Electrik Sex Musik had left me exhausted,

overcritical and sick of hearing those songs. I must have unconsciously

known the real work had only just begun...

A plan without a band, how would I perform my masterpiece live? What's

the lightest, easiest way to travel and gig? I decided I needed to test some

new material, singing while playing an instrument. There were no preset

sonic concepts, just lay down a groove on piano or guitar and hope for the

best. It would be the opposite of what I had previously done. The result is

this documentary of impossible, spontaneous magic created by great


Featuring: Jeff Burke on Bassoon, Nathan on Violin, Jimmy on Harmonica,
                 Kobe James on Vocals.

SkyJuice: Leh-lo on Drums, Tom Mckay on Guitar and Bass, Roger on Bass,
                Dave Williams on Vocals and Drum Machine.

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