Wednesday, 26 October 2011

In The Flesh

                                              In The Flesh
by Stormm

The drunken man on the apartment balcony sits in a medium piss puddle,

barely conscious. His unpresent condition will be a great aid, so much

easier to enter and gain control of a body. The jolt then crush of

confinement, a sudden blast as I bathe in the strangest feelings. Back in

the flesh again, gasping, breathing in life once more. Experiencing actual

concrete physical reality sensations...

Slumped back head against wall, marveling at the splendor of glittering city

skyline night through blurry eyes, bathe in the roaring vibrations of wind,

traffic and rain. Tides of whizzing vehicles float by overhead, shuttle the

gracious and spiteful, both equally unaware of beings like me. Exhilarated,

tingling with unknown new awareness stimuli. I touch the floor in awe

slowly, palm sweeps along surface textures rough and smooth. Splash

rank yellow warm liquid acidic dripping down fingers smeared, stare on,

at, lick, smile, blissfully grinning...

Were am I? in whose body? for how long be able to keep will it? Should

hurry now find a better shell, a safe house, some bored emo soul wanting

out of an otherwise healthy construct. Something uncomfortable, feeling at

odds in this realm, beings estranged from adoptive skin...


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