Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lord Of The Rings

                                            Lord Of The Rings
by Stormm

On Saturn's day the tyrant holds a sickle in his left hand, a bundle of wheat in his 

right, Kronos tries to control fate by eating his young, Chronos (time) the serpent 

with three heads encircles the primal world-egg. 

Shani "the one who moves slowly," stern teacher of restriction and misfortune, is

mounted on a black crow. Pachamama causes earthquakes, Kali "black night"

transcendental figure of annihilation, Mahakali great time or death.

Baron Samedi leader of the Guede (spirit powers of death and fertility) wears a

top hat, black tuxedo and dark glasses. He is the disruptive, obscene and 

debauched loa of sex and resurrection, fond of cigars, rum and hot peppers.

Orunmila (the organizer), GrandPriest and custodian of the Ifa Oracle...

representing the Base Chakra: Muladhara "Foundation; Root Place," Security. 

It is blocked by Fear...

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