Monday, 10 October 2011

Karma Chameleon

                                                 Karma Chameleon
by Stormm

The shape-shifter casually adjusts her body in fluid transition, molding into

the recent encounter with absolute graceful ease. Unmatched adaptive skills

beyond comparison, absorbing even character flaws and personality traits.

Sheltered in a fog of amnesia, Karma fluidly discards motive, accents,

mannerism, quirks...

How long hath she been collecting forms, assuming new and unusual

physical positions? How many multitudes held in Limbo, captivated on

Astral Planes, unaware their dead? Caught up in a raging battle

between mobs of morphing psyches, individuality lost Karma blends in

out way beyond mimicry...

"No one knows which me is me, somewhere someone long ago. Nobody

knows my name, someone somewhere far away." Strange faces unknown

places populate, missing events flicker, vague images pop up more suddenly.

Flashes increase as friends, lovers, enemies, blur, into foreign objects...

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