Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Water World

                                 Water World
by Stormm

Traveling faster than light now, many, many, light years away.

With The Pussy Ship's navigation system on auto,

we bravely voyage different varieties of daring silence.

Go from exploring stretches of dead, still, emptiness,

to outmaneuvering rare, perilously exciting, overcrowded claustrophobic space.

After choosing from some of the many popular private transport models,

we finally decide to float together in an invisible seven pointed Star Bubble,

sailing throughout her completely watery home world.

Our Star Bubble's triangular outer shell twirls in sections as we're propelled,

through thick oceans of orange and pinkish liquid.

Shooting by from above,

occasional flashes of violet lunar flares cut the planetary surface,

to disintegrate below.

Breathtaking undersea Jewel Republic globes approach,

revealing multitudes of the most diverse bizarre shaped transparent and

reflective structures.

Scintillating glassy cities of precious crystals, glowing rubies, diamonds,

tanzanite, sapphire, emerald and gold.

Where countless domes marry spires, manifest vertical or inverted triangles,

squares and spheric dwellings.

Most buildings flow up, others drift down, forever cycling this planet.

Some of the winged bird-face Avian, scaly fish-face Reptilian,

and furry Feline occupants may momentarily pause to wave hello-good-bye.

As we near,

individual colonies bathe us in flood waves of telepathic massages,

spurting fragments, conversations, messages...

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