Saturday, 5 May 2012

I The Magician

                                              I The Magician
by Stormm

On idle whim The Idiot rises at dawn, packing a light snack bound to his

staff. Spontaneously bounding off into unknown thrills, confident in his

innate ability to improvise. Being forever active as per usual without a plan,

acting on the fly. Lucky 2 The Magician Desires Adventure Transforms

into Dog On Great Quest Joins His Master, to go within, enters the spirit world.

The house Magician was barking excitedly in his inner temple dog form,

delighted to set forth on a new expedition. Leaping off the ground, on hind legs,

panting from side to side, unleashed in the mountains, left roaming wild and free. 

Sometimes running ahead to scout, or linger sampling scents of discerning 


The Real-It-Y Rebel instantly breaks away from the much slower collective

pack. Shatters self-limiting taboos, confident there's always a better path.

Magus Of Power Creating New Experience expresses free individual choice.

True Visionary In Improvisation revels 2 manifest uncompromising deep

desires. Cunning comic adaptive thoughts focus, wield alchemical tools...

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