Tuesday, 22 May 2012

II The High Priestess

                                        II The High Priestess
by Stormm

The Priestess Of The Silver Star Is The Transforming Moon.

Fertile she flows reincarnate waves and tides foaming.

A horned diadem on her head, with it's crystal ball in the middle.

She bears Goddess Hathor's crescent shaped silver crown,

centering a white pearl orb.

Isis means "Throne," in Africa the throne is the mother of the king.

Madonna Suckling Babe In The Tides With Moon At Her Feet...

Cradled in her lap she holds The Book Of TAROT, partially obscured.

Behind her lies the veil of King Solomon's Temple, embroidered with

rosy pomegranates and palm trees of yellow candles. The illuminated

3rd Eye's inner burning flame. A magic mirror reflecting the Tree Of Life.

Behind the veil, an endless expanse of calm blue sea.

She sits in the middle on her graceful throne of long flowing tresses,

as shipwrecked seaweeds sail her knees, plunging over rapid waterfalls,

where bowing at her feet lies a golden solar crescent moon.

The ebb and flow between life and death, the twin towers of good and evil.

Increasing and decreasing, she fluctuates between the power and the glory.

A sphinx, guardian of the entrance to the "garden of pomegranates."

Concealing the many seeded secret mysteries...

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