Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mr Brown

                                         Mr Brown
by Stormm

Mr Brown is looking around impressed at his Soul Catchers.

"Marvelous," he says, "mar-vel-ous, absolutely very fcuking marvelous."

Nodding his head, grinning and laughing, proud of his accomplishment.

All these spirits under his dominion, held captive, bound to do his bidding.

"Ha ha, very big ha ha."

Which one shall I let out of it's jar, who will be my Eyes Of The New World?

Set it free to roam bodiless, traveling through the universe?

The Spirit flies above metro, temporarily free from Mr Brown's glass prison.

Released for a brief moment to wander aimlessly between orders, on a whim.

Searching this city thru parks, in alleyways, by fountains, beside hostels,

looking for it's body.

Abruptly it feels a pull towards the flesh of The Mad Woman On The Corner...

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