Monday, 7 May 2012

Abducted by UFO

                                          Abducted by UFO
by Stormm

One night while out walking I am beamed up.

Aboard a UFO, by a bright very golden ray of light.

Twelve of us meet onboard initially, for a conference among the stars.

We hover in half or full lotus, most adopting random asanas.

Gather to encircle energy fields where seven pulsating crystals,

also levitate and rotate.

Our dispersed energy bodies glow light blue.

During overlapping, extremely invigorating, lengthy telepathic conversations.

Our dispersed energy bodies glow light blue.

Each individual wills their pulse rates slow, down deeper, fully relax bodies

stimulating gold, red, orange, violet, green, black and blue chakra wheels.

A spacious interior, the chamber's entire view appears transparent from within.

There are no signs of any visible instruments, walls, or compartments.

Throughout this meeting there's been one individual whose energy is

tremendously attractive. Why continue to struggle with increasing difficulty

against the irresistible urge for full-on-contact?

Mutual gaze exchange, then instantly, we meet elsewhere.

At times in feline other times humanoid forms.

Our ship's exceptional Captain Gorgeous Female Is A Shapeshifter...

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  1. You are exceptionally gifted. You should soon officially publish. IF I get a collective book publication deal when doing my PHD I will invite you to offer something for publication. I am trying to get a book series together, for later cultural review, in a new WORLDWIDE I hope Media Review series called a MAPS program. Very great stuff Stormm, keep some unpublished work back for me to review, if you would like.

    ALL the best,

    Peter Kaleb Theodoropoulos

  2. I'm glad you took the time for a read Peter, much appreciated. Over time as I edit certain passages it will eventually read like a backwards book. Good luck on that PHD, thanks for keeping me in mind.