Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Obeah Man

                              The Obeah Man

by Stormm

Summer evenings, modern all glass east exterior, beige furnished apartment.

Seated on white sofas across from my sister and mother, in a living room

hanging out.

Drinking and smiling good times, when a pearl necklace is thrown

and lands around my neck.

Strangling, I'm being strangled, someone is trying to choke me out!

Looks like an island Elder or Bush Doctor? dressed casual in his 60's.

But it's The Obeah Man, wearing a dark brown or black jacket and hat.

A very evilous and wicked black man.

Trying to hold me down, overhead, glaring upon me.

I fight back, managing to sit upright on a bench, on the grass

between side walk and street.

Mr Nightmare The Dream Catcher, is standing before me in the road.

Eventually, I fight my way back into my physical earthly body,

wake up chanting psalms 23 over and over...


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