Monday, 21 May 2012

Cat People / Astral Pool Party

                        Cat People / Astral Pool Party
by Stormm

In the center of a tall massive skyscraper's subterranean pool.

I lie on a black leather cot, on my back with many shapeshifters all about.

They're in feline and human guises, diving, playing and swimming in thick

sheets of very black liquid.

A friendly female leaves the slick to come over dripping up close and say,

"you should join us."And I hear myself casually reply, "no thanks I'ould

rather just watch." But behind this indifferent mask, actually, I'm terrified of

entering the water. Either there's something in there, or, I'm paranoid of these

Cat People.

But why should I question being alone in this pool with all these felines?

The woman beside me is leaving my side now, she dives back in to disappear

below the surface, apparently rejoining the others. While I continue to lie here

in my bed, unconcerned.

A young male slides, splashing up while transforming from tiger to human.

Incoming fast towards me until at the last minute, he glides by on my left,

leaning back on bent knees, laughing exhilarated...

I'm okay hanging out with them, yet afraid to join in for unknown reasons.

Just Simply Rational By Keeping A Safe Distance?

It could be something I'm trying to ignore, scared of having to face.

My shadow lurks unacknowledged, in isolated fragments, missing

unknown parts of self still imprisoned, buried deeper below...

Am I wise to be afraid of something in there?

Of them all turning on me?

Something horrible in me?

Was I only really afraid of getting lost in this Astral dimension?

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