Monday, 25 June 2012

The Man In Blue

                            The Man In Blue
by Stormm

I'm at a rave, in a massive pale grey concrete warehouse space.

There's probably about a hundred people milling about.

Most are sitting around, upon and along,

the rectangular curves of cream and brown boulders,

surrounding a huge rock garden forest in the center of the room.

It's quiet, we're all hanging in this smoking and chill out lounge area.

Standing up at the farthest left end corner,

I had been casually sitting on the edge, my feet dangling over.

Suddenly I'm walking straight over now to the huge south face wall,

right against the brick at my feet is a burgundy mid-size paint brush.

Automatically I pick it up and just start painting a massive oil mural.

I roll instant drying wet paint, almost from the bottom of the floor,

nearly all the way up to the distant ceiling overhead, with each stroke.

After which I take another step right, repeat over and continue,

until occupying the western half of the entire wall.

The painting unfolds completely detailed already,

like I'm laying up long rows of prefabricated, dry finished wallpaper using a roller,

adding several extended broom's length coatings per stoke.

He's a sober, somber looking,

seriously focused medium built white man, with long grey beard.

Mr Blue Sky is wearing The Navy Blue Suit,

Sits In The White Chair against a vast blue empty backdrop.

Both hands resting on armrests, fingers clasped around bamboo weaving.

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