Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Dancer

                              The Dancer
by Stormm

The Dancer tosses her confident head,

projecting long black hair from side to side.

And water goes flying everywhere, rapidly in as many directions.

Ceilings are raining down torrential rows of fire sprinklers, on full cold blast.

Random floor to ceiling beyond melting point jet propulsion rocket flames,

erupt in different corners of an all black and white tiled room.


And neon colored laser beams of streaming liquid plasmas charge.


Pure Primal Energy Unbound, in truly carefree passionate movements.

Free, savage and generous,

expressing endless emotions of unrestrainable wild abandon.

A self-contained intentionally mad frenzy of lunges,

leaping rolls, handstands, flips and crouching.

Bare hands and feet spontaneously rip huge slabs of wood and concrete,

right out from the floors and walls directly,

throw them around effortlessly, fling things, smash, crash, thrashing about.

Droplets of salty perspiration glisten, stinging sweet,

head to toe covered in sweat foams.

Sprinkles Poetry In Motion Stars Sparkling.

Move with glossy, scintillating, arabesque dance forms.
She has long black hair, smooth olive skin, high unique cheekbones,

full on gypsy features with big, sexy, humourous eyes.

Wielding her streamlined curvy hips and waist, winds that natural figure,

exerts slender, strong and powerful athletic legs, well toned abs and arms.

We spin as our sweat goes flying off deep into outer space,

curly soaked hair flails, liquid electric yellow and blue sparks flash wildly.

Tiny scattered pearl droplets glitter, dancing thru the night.

Inside complete pandemonium as heaven and hell breaks loose,

pure hearts on fire deploy a live energy exchange.

Manifested magnetic heart chakra power key unlocks in embrace,

across space, frequencies ignite, projections of overflowing energy.

Grabbing mad touching each other,

running hot hands, up and down all over foreign bodies,

oily, firm, soft curves, clefts and swirls.

Let's Get Crazy Naked Love,

fingers go in while kissing, biting, licking, sucking.

She opens her floor to ceiling sliding door, it's getting hot inside...

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