Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Painting Comes To Life

                                Painting Comes To Life
by Stormm

"Psst psst, over here, come closer" it said.

"Hey, listen up I'll let you in on a secret." "I'm God, your creator.

It's me the one and only, your own personal savior, you know, the supreme being.

So worship me, okay, get down on your knees right now and start praying to me.

Yes of course! right here in front of everyone,

it's the only way to be safe from what's coming down the pipe.

Because the more that you bear witness of me, the more greater will be your glory.

Louder! prostrate and proclaim your insignificance, beg for forgiveness.

Tell me you're not worthy, declare it to all,

let the whole world know how you're unworthy but for my divine grace.

That's it.

Let me see you cry and shed even more crocodile tears this time for Christ's sake.

Without me you're an ignorant f*cking flea, yes say it, you cock sucking bastard.

You better never stop praying to me, if you know what's good.

Where do you think you're going you goddamn son of a bitch,

come back and f*cking fear me. Fear me, fear me, fear..."
I ran out of there in mortal terror, sprinting the museum corridors panting hard.

Only to gradually, tragically,

realize that all the paintings from room to room although in different sections,

were each repeating almost the exact same spiel,

to any fool who should happen by.

So many millions were discovering how easily they could climb right inside paintings,

shrinking themselves down to take up permanent residency.

I could swear that I heard my own voice, it sounded kinda relieved.

Just another poor soul lost in the details of some unknown artist's depiction of paradise.

A weak, self-righteous, whining professional victim gasps in awe.

"Guess I'll make this the stop."

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