Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Prolific Future

                             The Prolific Future
by Stormm

The Prolific Future Life is brisk and invigorating. Mining asteroid

belts, mostly for but not limited to only space craft materials is

booming. Our Space Exploration Programs fuels unprecedented

expansion for the endless varieties of free independent colonies.

Food, clothes and shelter are deemed basic essentials, mandatory

provisions easily affordable by everyone.

Art has replaced boredom, various cheap and abundant alternative

energy sources sustain the numerous powerful, thriving and

completely self-sufficient regions.

There are no taxes or wars, each republic permits zero to a bare

minimum of laws. Gladly opt for as smallest as possible legal

systems, observing only the rarest of minor criminal activity.
Music and Art are the official interplanetary languages, we

humans create and converse in unique new means of expression

daily, fresh new symbols being constantly created.

Peaceful trade has already been well established with most of

the known extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional entities.

There are no illnesses the average person cannot self-heal.

Each individual when personally ready,

if so desired, consciously brings about their own death and rebirth.

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