Sunday, 3 June 2012

III The Empress

                               III The Empress
by Stormm

She sits upright and beautiful on top of orange, above red, before black and 

yellow pillows and cushions, at the end of the road.

In the midst of fields of grain and bountiful meadows, The Queen Of Heaven

wears her golden crown of 12 stars, presents her orb pointed gold scepter.

On grey trail between yellow wheat fields, play abundant green forest

and groves where water runs blue.

This active, energetic, totally clear alive with yellow afternoon setting,

overflows with nature's wealth.

An emerald orbed Ankh Of Life symbol of Isis, lies at the heart of her

large grey support bolster.

Venus Goddess of Love and Emotions, Daughter Of The Mighty Ones.
She gives us the gift of life.

Bestows her blessing in drinks to good health.

Releases her natural boon of merriment, success, pleasure, and revelry.

Waving her magic wand in right hand above, Lady Liberty's raised

Torch Of The Eternal Flame Of Life.

The Bride Of The Dying King, Mother Of The Eternal Sun.

Hathor Goddess Of Love And Devotion.

The sacred Holy Cow, bovine eared.

She is the door through which we enter the green room of life, the vagina,

the gates of light into the inner sanctum, the veil of the holy of holies.

Surrounded by fertile vegetation and wildlife, she symbolizes The Natural

Abundance Of The Land.

Notice the waterfall on her left as rivers flow behind the trees, then plunge

into the oceans beneath her feet.

The Princess Of Health Astride The Mountain Peak.

Her lighthouse parades the edges of a cliff, lies beyond foamy shores...

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